Liriano's deal with Pittsburgh may be in jeopardy

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  • Updated: January 11, 2013 - 8:44 PM

PITTSBURGH — Free agent pitcher Francisco Liriano injured his right (non-throwing) arm over the holidays and his deal with the Pirates is on hold.

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jackpine54Jan. 11, 1312:04 PM

The Pirates may have dodged a bullit,they gave him a ton of cash,or were going to give him a ton cash.They screwed up the free agent market when they did that anyway SOOOOOOOOO Good Luck

downsideupJan. 11, 13 1:14 PM

Well Liriano was good back in '08 and '06, as Dantes will likely point out AGAIN. The guy is washed up. Would love to know what happened to injure that arm over the holidays.

Dantes929Jan. 11, 13 1:53 PM

I only keep correcting you. He was good in 2010. If you would get it right the first time you would rarely hear from me.

ladykasJan. 11, 13 3:29 PM

He wasn't that good in 2010. Of course by Twins' standards he was an ace.

Dantes929Jan. 11, 13 5:08 PM

"He wasn't that good in 2010. Of course by Twins' standards he was an ace." I never defended him as an ace. I only ever said that he had some good years and that without him the Twins win 3 fewer division titles. I count his good years as 06, 08, and 2010. Downsideup continues to say he had only one or two good years and that was many years ago and he has been saying it for two years now. You might not think his 2010 year was all that great but he was 13th in the AL in ERA (reminder that there are 14 teams in the AL) and was 11th in the Cy Young voting. Even if he didn't live up to everyone's expectations of him as an ace it doesn't mean he wasn't good. His 2010 year was better than 10 of Jack Morris's 18 seasons and better than Morris's average season and most on here think Morris should be a shoe in for HOF. No I am not saying Liriano was better than Morris. I am saying Morris would not have been embarrassed by Liriano's 2010 season. If you want to say it wasn't that good then fine. I say he was WAY better than the average pitcher that year and the stats back me up rather than just flinging stuff up on the wall like downsideup and hoping it sticks. BTW, the 2010 Twins had the 11th best pitching in the major leagues in 2010 (11th out of 30).

callmestupidJan. 11, 13 5:37 PM

Lirianos status in my opinion is really questionable every year.... Mostly due to who knows what you'll get..... Liriano could possibly have a good year this year or a real bad one again..... Do you want to pay 7.5 mil to find out is the question

bolock54Jan. 11, 13 7:03 PM

Was also wondering what he did to screw his other arm up.....trying to throw changeups right handed or what??????

riverbirchJan. 12, 13 8:09 AM


h091364Jan. 12, 13 9:26 AM

Its his (non-throwing) arm. Jim Abbott pitched with just one good arm?

Dantes929Jan. 12, 1310:36 AM

"Liriano could possibly have a good year this year or a real bad one again..... Do you want to pay 7.5 mil to find out is the question" No, and its why I never liked viewing him as an ace. I would pay him $5 mil to be our 5th starter before paying Correia the same. 7.5 mil is probably an overpay. I don't know why and injury to his non throwing arm would be an issue, especially a couple months before the season begins.


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