GOP caucus doesn't look like America

  • Article by: CLARENCE LUSANE
  • Updated: January 10, 2013 - 6:47 PM

Any diversity is just window dressing.

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jdlellis1Jan. 10, 13 7:43 PM

Tragic that diversity has become a catch all and and overused term of importance. Somehow we have now classified all ethnic groups into a singular mindset. All Blacks are...All Hispanics are...All Jews are...All lesbians/homosexual are... So, if we had a Congressional Caucus of a Black, Hispanic, Woman, Jew, Lesbian and they all thought the same, people would applaud the diverse group even though the bandwidth would be limited. However, if there was a group of Caucasian males with cognitive diversity, that would be considered bad. Then of course to exaggerate the point, a lot of inner-city Black male youth now find it appropriate to wear their pants below their posterior. Strange, it does not appear that President Obama does the same. This of course conflicts with diversity's logic that all ethnic groups are the same? Finally, look take a look at many of President Obama's top appointments. Lots of Ivy League graduates, especially lawyers, especially Harvard. Now there's a diverse group!

endothermJan. 10, 13 7:46 PM

Even more disturbing is the lack of ideological diversity in the Republican party. There used to be liberals and moderates in the GOP, but those days are gone. Now, Republican policy is set by extremists who are incapable of thinking outside of their narrow tunnels and incapable of working together with people who disagree with them.

dave9398Jan. 10, 13 7:57 PM

What an angry article

goferfanzJan. 10, 13 8:01 PM

This very misleading column seems to suggest people just arrive in Washington and get an office. The reality is that any elected person must win primaries--> and then a general elections. Any citizen can seek office for any party, right? Indeed, my district just re-elected its white female R over the D white male hotelier. The painful truth is that party of 90% white male Reps currently represent the "stay in school, get a job, then get married" party. Of this, there is no doubt. Similarly, the Dem party clearly represents the entitlement class, aka single moms of any ethnic group, the largest minority groups, the longterm unemployed, and the rapidly expanding SSD class of "disabled" workers. Exit polling makes these distinctions very clear. This is our 21st reality as of now, and the GOP caucus represents its districts because free and open elections are held. The author would do better to describe the GOP caucus as--> an America that is rapidly fading into its sunset because the budget arithmetic of the 2007-13 Dem caucus wins elections in the shortterm, but is unsustainable in the longterm.

Thumper5316Jan. 10, 13 8:22 PM

Because the 'other part' of America is living off of the taxes collected from the part mentioned in the headline? That would be the DFL, right?

probsolverJan. 10, 13 9:42 PM

What in the blazes is a"program director and associate professor of the Comparative and Regional Studies Program"..... Some made up title that teaches basket weaving courses?

probsolverJan. 10, 13 9:46 PM

Black and Latino support for black and Latino candidates is not simply based on color and ethnicity.------ but white males only vote for white males? How incredibly ridiculous. Lazy, lazy thinker Mr. clarence

birdpeepJan. 10, 1310:49 PM

So Republicans are therefore racists and dsexists? No, they represent the 45% of americans who work hard and smart and provide the tax revenue that the other 55% live off of.

arspartzJan. 11, 1312:35 AM

What in the blazes is a"program director and associate professor of the Comparative and Regional Studies Program".....

Yet people wonder why a college education costs more and more while the students learn less and less.

rmoore1754Jan. 11, 13 4:57 AM

Looking at the numbers the Democrat representation reveals it is also not reflective of the U.S. population either. Latino participation is the closest to the percentage of the population while black representation is approximately twice their percentage of the U.S. population. Women make up far less than 50%. Diversity is nice but I would be much more interested in the qualifications and character of each office holder.


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