Sack cartoon: U.S. gun culture

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 10, 2013 - 11:17 AM
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bdautobahnJan. 10, 1312:14 PM

Sack's cartoons would be funny if they were, well, funny. Which state has no "carry permit" law? Answer: Illinois. What city has by far our highest murder rate? Chicago (it's exponentially higher than, say, New York). Fact: The Newtown shooter was actually prevented from purchasing weapons by a responsible gun store adhering to the law. So how did he get the guns? He stole them. More laws will not prevent the mass killings- these people are sick, and more laws will do zero to deter them. What was the worst US school killing? Bath, Mich. Did the killer use a gun? Nope (explosives). There are supposedly 20,000 gun laws already on the books. For people to think that another ten laws, or another two thousand for that matter, will make a difference, is foolish. We have a much deeper-seeded problem here than simple laws will remedy, but hey, it's a feel good measure, and that is all the politicos care about. Let's be honest.

tranqwhlJan. 10, 1312:25 PM

We have a problem with people with mental issues. What if they start using cars to kill people? We can remove every tool that one can use to kill, and people with desire will continue to kill. Don't blame what they used to kill; is a car evil?

JPetersen3Jan. 10, 1312:42 PM

Publish a comment about the need to regulate gun ownership and restrict the availability of certain types of weapons and the brainless, soulless creatures trained by the National Rifle Association will pop up right away. Equating the availability of high capacity, easy to use weapons to car ownership is the height of idiocy. The guns the Newtown shooter "stole" were stolen from his mother. They were part of a household where the head of the household seemed to have bought into the paranoia created by the NRA and its idiot followers.

odinmanJan. 10, 1312:47 PM

Mr. Sack needs to replace the word "gun" with "gang" in this cartoon so that it makes more sense. Just what is meant by "gun culture"? Those who own guns? My family has had guns since my great grandfather emigrated from Norway in the early 1900's, but neither he nor any of his descendants have ever committed a crime with a gun. So come on Mr. Sack...who is this cartoon aimed at anyway?

cartoonconnJan. 10, 13 1:36 PM

How many knife deaths so far this year? How many of those gun deaths were suicides? In self-defense? Gang crimes?

arspartzJan. 10, 13 2:37 PM

To paraphrase Archie Bunkern would it make you feel better if they were push out of widows? America has a violence problem as well as no control over the mentally ill. Those are the problem.

gearrunrJan. 10, 13 3:09 PM

"Publish a comment about the need to regulate gun ownership and restrict the availability of certain types of weapons and the brainless, soulless creatures trained by the National Rifle Association will pop up right away." - Let me ask you, can you legally buy a full auto AK-47? How about a full auto M-16? I believe they are restricted. We'll presume that since those weren't available, crazies have turned to less powerful guns, which we are now categorizing as assault rifles and trying to ban. Lets assume those measures pass. What will the next crazy use? Maybe a deer rifle. Then I guess we'll have to ban deer rifles. What will the next crazy use? Shotgun? Shazam, shotguns banned. You see where I'm going? It's where we're all going. The NRA sees this too. You probably see it too, and like the idea. I believe it would be foolish to let this happen. I believe it's one of the ways you boil the frog from a free society to a dictatorship.

ollie3Jan. 10, 13 3:10 PM

The righties will say that nothing can be done, the best answer is more guns etc....all while they're holding Congressional investigations over 4 people who died in Benghazi and why stricter controls weren't in place.

imakemflyJan. 10, 13 4:07 PM

Our Lawmakers and President can enact all the legislation they want on gun control. The fact is that it will not stop the violence. This country has always had the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. The last decade we’ve seen more school violence. Was there school shootings in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s? It’s not because of guns, but because our country’s civic, social, religion and family values have eroded.

ranger78Jan. 10, 13 4:46 PM

Yup. And nearly 100,000 abortions since Newtown too. Which stat is worse?


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