White House considers $50 million plan to add police in schools

  • Article by: PHILIP RUCKER , Washington Post
  • Updated: January 10, 2013 - 10:58 PM

Even as NRA lashes out, Biden said he'll offer policy plan on Tuesday.

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dinojimJan. 10, 1311:56 AM

He means there is a consensus among those that want to control guns. There is no consensus among the American people. A one sided look will get you a one sided consensus which really is no consensus at all. Funny, how people that want to control others use the word consensus.

mplsjimJan. 10, 1312:11 PM

After Newtown and Aurora, there is a great deal of consensus. We must prevent these weapons falling into the hands of known psychotic individuals. Will the gun nuts agree to even that small measure of prevention? Or will they insist guns are sacred, that guns are their Moloch to which they worship?

omakristyJan. 10, 1312:12 PM

Consensus is growing among Americans who are fed up with the growing violence. The mantra that guns don't kill people is getting thin. People with guns, acquired legally or illegally, are killing other people at an alarming rate. A story in the news today highlights the murder of a wife using a totem pole, but I highly doubt that we need to be concerned about totem pole saftey. Emerging trends have resulted in other safety laws: use of seat belts, restriction of cell phone use, restriction of selling alcolol and tobacco to minors. This is just another instance where common sense indicates that there need to be safety contols.

bgronniJan. 10, 1312:24 PM

"People with guns, acquired legally or illegally, are killing other people at an alarming rate." this is not a true statment. Homicides by gun have decreased since a peak in 1993. And those stats also include people killed by police.

gearrunrJan. 10, 1312:26 PM

"Gun Safety". You see what we did there? "Gun Control" sounds so authoritarian. Change the words, change the simple minds.

zucchiniJan. 10, 1312:29 PM

Question: If some mentally ill guy is dead-set on killing people, will he give up when he can't get a 30-round magazine for his rifle? Or he can't get an AR-style .223? Obviously no to both questions. Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control.

gearrunrJan. 10, 1312:29 PM

"Shooting reported at high school in Taft, Calif." - OK, we don't know any details yet, but if this shooters hard drive is destroyed 'beyond repair or recovery' like the last shooters, I'm calling shenanigans.

marcymmbJan. 10, 1312:30 PM

omakristy***You mentioned guns illegal or legal so how do you get the illegal guns off the street, it seems all this gun talk is about citizens legally owning guns and does nothing to do with illegal guns. The largest portion of gun killings in the US are from illegal guns (criminals and gangs) how about starting there and leave legal gun owners alone.

badger1997Jan. 10, 1312:33 PM

Yes, there is a clear consensus, even among NRA members. From an article over at CNN.com: Conservative pollster Frank Luntz found that clear majorities of NRA members are more reasonable about implementing such common sense measures than their more rigidly ideological parent organization. For example, 71% of NRA members would bar people on the FBI terrorist watch list from buying and owning weapons, according to a poll Luntz conducted for the Bloomberg-backed group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Likewise, 79% of NRA members support requiring background checks on gun retail employees, 74% would support background checks on all potential gun buyers and 64% support requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms.

crystalbayJan. 10, 1312:36 PM

An executive order making gun-trafficking a felony or prosecuting people who lie on their gun purchase application will be fiercely attacked by the NRA (National Rampage Association), just as they've fought every single common-sense measure to address gun violence for the last two decades. Out of 71,000 cases where people have been caught lying, only 77 have been prosecuted. The ATF doesn't even have a director, another success story for the NRA. The bottom line here is that the NRA is nothing more than a shill for the gun industry and will go to any extreme to safeguard the profits gained by unfettered gun production and sales. What was once an honorable organization teaching gun safety has long since become a cartel for the proliferation of gun sales with no restrictions whatsoever. Only 20% of gun owners even belong to the NRA at this point, and many are currently questioning the extremism being exhibited.


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