Last year hottest yet in US since record keeping began in 1895; drought, mild winter factors

  • Article by: SETH BORENSTEIN , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 8, 2013 - 9:33 PM

A brutal combination of a widespread drought and a mostly absent winter pushed the average annual U.S. temperature last year up to 55.32 degrees Fahrenheit. That's a full degree warmer than the old record set in 1998, an unprecedented jump.

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dirtydogsJan. 8, 13 1:17 PM

Minnesota will be the new snowbird state in 20 years.

just1oldgoatJan. 8, 13 2:06 PM

"Not every year will be hot, but when heat waves do occur, the heat will be more extreme. People need to begin to prepare for that future." - - In other words, "send us your checks and cash".

boris123Jan. 8, 13 2:09 PM

The US is less than 0.05% of the earth's land area and much less than the total area of the earth. Europe spent 2012 in a deep freeze. What conclusion can one draw from this? Heating bills in the EU were high and A/C bills in the US were high. End of story.

roymercerJan. 8, 13 2:14 PM

The great arrogance and hubris of humanity to draw conclusions from 150 years of sketchy data, while ignoring the fact that earth has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. Our accumulated experience and knowledge is but a snowflake in a blizzard.

Grin0048Jan. 8, 13 2:45 PM

Well, the comments so far paint a bleak picture, but the up/down votes at least demonstrate what most of us hope, that the crazies are just more vocal.

majkanJan. 8, 13 2:55 PM

I am so happy that they can say "2012" is officially the hottest on record. Of course records haven't been taken for very long. Now what are they going to do? Temps might be going up but they have been doing that for a very long time, longer than human existence. Hey we were under ice not that long ago and now we have a planting season. What's next?

ztwoodsJan. 8, 13 2:56 PM

It is nice to see the experts commenting on this topic. I am sure their vast knowledge of climate science and the research that is well established using ice core samples from hundreds of thousands of years ago, physics and atmospheric data helps them in reaching their sound conclusions. I should heed their advice and not the multitude of Nobel prize winning scientists that reach the same conclusions that the author provides.

whynotrightJan. 8, 13 3:10 PM

@just1oldgoat - In other words, "send us your checks and cash*** Absolute dead nuts on! Dear Old Uncle Al Gore dreamed up this scam, quietly set up carbon trading corporations overseas, and sprung this on the world. I am surprised that it got past the launching stage but it only goes to show just how gullible governments are when they have this deeply ingrained guilt complex about using the world’s natural resources. We haven’t heard too much from Uncle Al since he got caught playing “hotel massage parlor” and Aunt Tipper kicked his oversized hinder to the curb.

granny47Jan. 8, 13 3:13 PM

Oh sure, now that I'm 65 and retiring to Arizona, Minnesota will be tropical. Go figure!!!

CayshedJan. 8, 13 3:25 PM

@roymercer: don't scientists also dig deep in polar ice to measure hundreds of thousands of years of stored methane, carbon dioxide, and/or oxygen? Also, if we don't use these last 150 years of data, precisely what do you think we should use? Should we not even bother with it due to only having 150 years? Arrogance and hubris is right....


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