Democrats in control of Minn. Legislature, but they're not in lockstep

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 8, 2013 - 6:26 AM

As DFL takes control at Capitol, party foresees "productive" friction.

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freedomallJan. 8, 1312:38 AM

Honestly, after the Affair Scandal (which continues to costs tax-payers hundreds of thousands of dollars), Party Bankruptcy, Resignation of the Party Chair, and the pushing of Two Amendments that did NOTHING to increase jobs in the state, I'm glad the GOP is no longer in control. Everyone complains about the DFL 'raising taxes' but when the GOP was in control (many actually even voting to fund the billion dollar Viking Stadium with your tax dollars), they raised and used YOUR taxes to pay for their scandals and those Two DO-NOTHING Amendments.

freedomallJan. 8, 1312:44 AM

2013 Session: DFL should discuss and focus on Paying back the schools and negotiating a reasonable budget, Expansion of State Renewable GREEN Energy, Infrastructure (High Speed Rail, Improved Roads, etc), Taxing the RICH (Gov. Dayton Campaign Promise), Single Payer Health-Care like that of Vermont, Labeling of GMO's, Medical Marijuana legislation, and legalization of Same Sex Unions (as I feel Marriage might be too soon for MN, after all, the last party was thrown out due to the focusing on social issues).

swans999Jan. 8, 13 6:03 AM

HA! If democrats disagree it's "productive friction." If it's republicans it's wrecking the country. nice!

nonewtaxesJan. 8, 13 6:19 AM

Taxes rates on the most productive individuals will go up, but revenues will go down, as many productive taxpayers leave the state.

drposterJan. 8, 13 6:25 AM

freedomall " " which is why there is friction in the party. The Outstate, gun loving, hunting, fossil fuel burning guys who's only tie to the DFL and DNC is their Union membership. They really don't care about same sex issues, commuter rail, and green energy.

purlieuJan. 8, 13 6:26 AM

Hopefully Democrats will work on issues that benefit the state economically. Republicans voted on ways to keep people from voting and from marrying.

mplsjimJan. 8, 13 7:13 AM

Learn from the mistakes made by Republicans -- stay away from social issues and do not get hyper partisan -- laser focus on the economy, fix the deficit.

formergopJan. 8, 13 7:17 AM

I dont care about social issues. I want a balanced budget more through cuts, then raising taxes. I also want the benefits for our lawmakers reformed back. I want them at the capital 5 days a week 8 hours a day working on the peoples business.

drposterJan. 8, 13 7:22 AM

purlieu you mean like passing same sex marriage? Deficit spending to get more commuter rail? Or maybe a few million more wasted on "test" solar farms..

gilgamesh23Jan. 8, 13 7:25 AM

nonewtaxes: You presuppose that the well-to-do in Minnesota are all interested in only themselves, couldn't care less about the communities they live in, and have no particular attachment to this state. State revenue goes toward things like higher education, state parks, and roads and bridges -- the shared investments that make this a good state to live in. Most of us appreciate these things, regardless of income level.


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