Thousands weigh in over mom's heartfelt code of conduct for 13-year-old's first iPhone

  • Article by: LEANNE ITALIE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 7, 2013 - 12:36 PM

A written code of conduct over her 13-year-old son's first iPhone has placed a mommy blogger at the center of the debate over how parents should handle technology in the hands of their teens.

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medvezhonokJan. 7, 13 1:50 PM

I hope more parents heed this lady and do the same thing with their children's phones. To many kids these days are nothing but spoiled brats whi want everything in return of nothing.

luckydog2Jan. 7, 13 2:43 PM

Go, mom!

nomedsJan. 7, 13 2:51 PM

Everyody knows that minors can void any contracts they enter into even the ones they enter into with their parents.

emaschollJan. 7, 13 3:01 PM

hate to say it, but I knew kids in high school who would deliberately send inappropriate content to my phone if they knew I had a mom like that--not saying what she's doing isn't right, but she should anticipate some some backlash directed to her son's phone from kids who think its funny.

awshucksJan. 7, 13 3:06 PM

Creep away, Mom! I did similar with my daughter, pre-smart-phone days; she bought her own when she was 18, and in basic training for the Air Force at Lackland. I also stopped creeping when she turned 18 - her superior accomplishments and her life management have left me in awe, wondering what the heck was wrong with ME!?!! She still spends a lot of time with her phone, but it is her social hub, with contacts and resources worldwide. She's succeeding in life, and I take at least a little bit of credit by teaching her there are limits. Now if she'd only teach me how to log in to my e-mail on this new-fangled phone...

wingknutJan. 7, 13 3:16 PM

I remember in the olden days when I was so excited that my parents finally let me have a phone jack in my room and then I spent 10 hours talking non-stop

Thumper5316Jan. 7, 13 3:52 PM

nomeds, you do realize that any parent only need provide food, clothing, and shelter to their children and that anything past that is gravy, right? For years my kids thought that my putting their clean clothes away and making their bed was a nicity on my part. Now they realize that it gave me license to search their drawers and between their mattresses and under their bed. I was NEVER afraid of being their parent.

youdontwannaknowJan. 7, 13 4:10 PM

I have only one line in my code of conduct - 1. No iphone if you are only 13!

nhunter23Jan. 7, 13 4:41 PM

Sorry mom, but if you have your son's passwords that would qualify as a "creeper".

aanen1Jan. 7, 13 6:00 PM

The kid is 13 -- mom should have almost total control over this. If he were 16 or 17, then that changes somewhat. A 13-year-old is barely old enough to be making decisions for himself. He's really not old enough for an iPhone. Maybe a dumb phone that can be used for emergency calls and texts. The only reason my daughter had a phone at 13 is because we had an incident where the school would not let her use their phone to call me and the pay phone -- remember those?-- was broken. This was in 1999.


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