The worst job in Congress

  • Article by: DOYLE MCMANUS , Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: January 7, 2013 - 9:51 AM

When John Boehner was narrowly re-elected as House speaker over protest votes from disgruntled conservatives, the sour joke in the Capitol was that his caucus was punishing him for his failings by letting him keep his job.

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blubberheadJan. 7, 1310:40 AM

"President Obama won his top priority, an increase in tax rates, without reducing federal spending." So where are the spending cuts Democrats?

gutshotJan. 7, 1310:51 AM

Boo hoo hoo!!!

smdentJan. 7, 1311:00 AM

This country has a threadbare social safety net as it is already. Why not take the cuts from the military? Do we really need huge bases in Germany and Japan, two of our closest allies? Does the navy really need more than 313 ships? Do we really need multi-million dollar airplanes that don't always work as advertised? Do we really need to keep Bush's Afghanistan war going, now 12 years old? There are lots of places to cut spending. Just not in our threadbare social safety net, the stingiest in the industrialized world.

sadsadsadJan. 7, 1311:10 AM

The party that wants the cuts should be brave enough to tell us what they are....where are the cuts? GOP?

ivehaditJan. 7, 1311:28 AM

blubberhead: ==== "So where are the spending cuts Democrats?" Cut Defense by 40%, apply means-testing to Social Security and Medicare, take the cap off Social Security taxes on wages, and implement single-payer health care. Budget balanced and debt reduction started.

dlzabzJan. 7, 1311:29 AM

This is all relative when you also have the worst president and worst senate majority leader. But we keep voting them in.

swschradJan. 7, 1311:39 AM

there is no "GOP" for Boehner to lead. the House is a Balkan government, an Italy... you have the Democrats, with some fissures and arguments... the classic GOP... and the TEA Party guys, who pretend to be GOP but do not accept discipline or fall in line to accomplish goals. if Boehner wanted to accomplish anything, he'd expel the TEA Party adherents from the GOP caucus, and let them do their "magic" under their true colors, a third party of rigid ideologues.

wa0tdaJan. 7, 1311:49 AM

If Boehner does not change his tactics (as stated by swschrad), there is no hope that the House will get anything accomplished. As he has found out, he cannot deal rationally with the TEA Party wing.

luzhishenJan. 7, 1312:08 PM

It's only the worst job in town if you are determined to keep it at all costs...then you have to make deals with folks who don't want to. He's had several bargains - which should have pleased the majority of Republicans - shot down by the TP GOP.

aschroepferJan. 7, 1312:14 PM

Every GOP hater, can thank the GOP for the tax cuts you have enjoyed for the past decade and will enjoy for a long time. If you did not enjoy them, kindly send a check to the IRS. They will accept it.


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