Wiederer: Frazier's message of pride gets through under Packer-heavy backdrop

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  • Updated: January 7, 2013 - 7:07 AM

Leslie Frazier's postgame remarks in Green Bay were heavy with appreciation for a Vikings team that embraced his style and message.

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wisstinks4Jan. 6, 1311:11 PM

Purple Jesus will be back and running hard next season. I can only see him getting better after his body heals and he ramps up for another long season of pounding defenders with his vicious running style. Go AP go. VIKINGS #1 in your heart and # 1 in Minnesota. All others can exit now.

prpljesusJan. 6, 1311:41 PM

The word "pride" rings hollow for all of us purple homers that have suffered through the past 52 seasons (and counting) with no Super Bowl / World Championship to speak of and nothing but further heartache down the road. The vikings reward for being the last seeded NFC playoff (one and done nonetheless) team this season is a lower round draft pick and a tougher schedule in 2013. Looks like the vikings ill-fated playoff run is going to cost them dearly next season. Oh well, it wouldn't be in the vikings character to do things that make sense, correctly or with any precision. The loser jinxed broken down purple machine continues it's march through loserville.

gps1010Jan. 7, 13 2:46 AM

Hopefully the Vikings won't wait for Ponder to officially become a "Bust" before they even begin developing another QB. The smart teams plan ahead and cover their butts "just in case." Even with Tom Brady at the helm, the Patriots nonetheless drafted Ryan Mallet a few years ago. Even after signing Peyton Manning, the Broncos still drafted Brock Osweiler. The Redskins last year took RG3 second overall, then turned around and drafted Kirk Cousins also. The axiom is that you can't wait until you need a QB to start developing one. Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench for three years behind Favre. Ponder has not proven that he can be a franchise QB let alone a starter in the league. The Vikes already have an extra fourth-round pick this year and if they trade Harvin, they'll have at least one more additional pick at their disposal. If they have an opportunity to use, say, their third-round pick on a young, undeveloped QB with high upside like University of Tennessee's Tyler Bray, they really need to go for it. If Ponder is so sensitive that he can't handle a young QB looking over his shoulder, then he chose the wrong profession. And if the Vikings are so afraid of offending Ponder by bringing in another young QB to compete for the job, then they need to stop telling the fans that they're "doing everything they can to win a championship." A Super Bowl is but a pipe dream without a legitimate QB.

dch6859Jan. 7, 13 5:19 AM

Can't you see the similarity of Frazier to Childress? Chilly was deemed a genius for improving the record each year and getting to the NFC Championship game. However the only reason was a monster year by Favre, it had nothing to do with the Coach. Vikings make to the playoffs this season only because of monster year by AP. Next season when he is just average and Ponder continues to throw for a meager 100 yards per game they will be lucky to win 6 games. Frazier is not the answer. By the way, the Bears fire their coach after a 10-6 season and you writers want an extension for ours. This organization is a joke.

purplewvJan. 7, 13 6:09 AM

I can understand the disappointment that the players are feeling. As a long time fan, I'm feeling the same way. Look, I never thought the Vikes would have wins, let alone, make the playoffs. The Coaches, and players should feel good, that they did what nobody thought they would do. Great season guys. In 1 season, they made the fans forget about that 3-13 disaster of 2011. After the last regular season game, with the team and Ponder looking like it was hitting a high spot, it was a shame to not be able to play the packers with all the starters. Thats football. Frazier has done an exellent job, along with his staff, in changing the mind set of this team. I think Spielman, [like him or not], made the right moves, both with the Draft, and FA, to give the team better chemistry, without breaking the bank by signing big money guys. This off season should be interesting. Still alot of holes, but the team is headed in a positive direction. Proud to be a Vike fan. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

purplewvJan. 7, 13 6:21 AM

In response to blog about Frazier/Childress: I don't see any similarity with these 2 caoches, or the teams that they have. Childress had a veteren team, loaded with Probowl talent, and had control of all player moves. Frazier ie the head coach, that has Spielman making personel desisions, and his team is one of the youngest in the league. Other than both of their teams wearing purple, I don't see what you are seeing. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mnfanintampaJan. 7, 13 6:32 AM

Go 9ers! Beat the Pack!

bmonnensJan. 7, 13 6:49 AM

It would be nice if we could pick up a couple of free agents from the Bills like we did in 2004 & 2005 when we got Winfield and Pat Williams.

oldmetvetJan. 7, 13 6:49 AM

Frasier's Idenity...... 1.Put all your eggs in one basket with AP and if he gets hurt ,then what ? 2. Quoted after game, " we don't want Webb, as a wide reciever next year, he IS our backup Quarterback....how did that work for you in the playoffs 3 Still has no field sense...how about a time out when you have too many men on the field 4.Has Percy run back kick offs after limping off the field, plus sends him deep five minutes later 5.Last but worse. MIA...screen passes, blitzes and of course as usual pointed out again and again by national announcers , coverage playing soooo deep,7 - 20 yd, gains are there all day. Collingsworth and Dungy were LAUGHING on national television at Joe Webbs, performance Finally, Mr.Wilf, we as true Minnesota fans are tired of the leagues worse record of losing 13 of 15, nationally televised games with poor performances.I am tired of the Frasier ,Childress and Green playbook of we have met the enemy and they are US.

raskelmanJan. 7, 13 7:02 AM

@oldmetvet, I disagree with your analysis. The Vikes finally did the smart thing and reconfigured their offense around AP and simplified the passing game to something Ponder could handle. The result was a 4 game win streak in December (winning December games is a really good thing to do!) and a playoff berth. That was an outcome that no one predicted. Leslie Frazier deserves credit for this outperforming season.


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