Obama is weighing broader gun limits

  • Article by: PHILIP RUCKER , Washington Post
  • Updated: January 6, 2013 - 11:00 AM

President may go beyond ban on assault weapons and eyes background checks.

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jackcokeJan. 5, 13 8:28 PM

"Groader," you say. What does that mean?

bgronniJan. 5, 13 8:35 PM

Sure they will consider "groader" and maybe even broader gun control. they will back Diane Feinstien's confiscation plan.

hungry4newsJan. 5, 13 8:51 PM

How about "broader" instead of "Groader"

cman2500Jan. 5, 1310:16 PM

Forward toward a constitutional crisis or worse, most states will not go along with any draconian legislation.

cartoonconnJan. 5, 1310:52 PM

Should we begin the recall now or wait a couple weeks?

RossbergJan. 6, 1312:23 AM

This sounds like a lot of wishful thinking and hot air which has little chance of passage. The banning of large capacity magazines has some correlation to the killings in Newtown and other places and closing the so-called gun show background check loophole admittedly does have support but that's about it. "Assault weapon" is just a pejorative description of any rifle that looks scary to gun-banners and semi-automatic can be construed to mean anything other than single-shot weapons. It's unlikely that there would be any gun retailers that would want to risk alienating their customers by allying themselves with the likes of Bloomberg, Obama, or the Brady crowd. They are right about one thing, though. The longer they wait to come up with proposed legislation the longer the public has to see through their subterfuge and realize that they are just using these tragedies to impose unrelated restrictions on everyone.

greg62Jan. 6, 13 3:23 AM

Obama will make it as difficult as possible for law abiding citizens to protect themselves while trying to appear that he isn't anti-Second Amendment.

wtrfwlrJan. 6, 13 6:54 AM

I don't think he cares at all about being anti-second amendment. This isn't about safety, it's about sticking to people who are not his supporters. I know some folks on the left side of the political isle enjoy shooting sports, but the vast majority are on the right. He(obama) will use media manipulation, hysteria, and lies to get his way. If this was about safety, it would start and end in the inner city areas of cities. That is where gun violence is most common. Illinois, and Chicago specifically have some of the harshest gun laws in the country, look what that's done for them.

woodbuckJan. 6, 13 7:20 AM

How about a very high federal excise tax on the sale of non-hunting type guns and ammo? Use the funds to finance stringent gun control measures and compensate the innocent victims of gun violence. After all, we tax dangerous things like tobacco and alcohol at a very high rate to discourage their use.

raylottieJan. 6, 13 7:20 AM

Oh good, another big government program!


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