Women step up to get conservative women elected

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 5, 2013 - 9:58 PM

The 3-year-old group focuses on getting fiscal conservatives elected - and there's no litmus test on social issues.

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xyzzy72Jan. 6, 1312:05 AM

Now these are Republicans who I could vote for. No social agenda, like the Republicans of the past. The reason that I changed parties was the Republican's social agenda, which I disagreed with and felt should never have been in their political agenda.

julio57Jan. 6, 13 1:57 AM

This is exactly what the GOP needs. Real, grassroots movement, that focuses on real issues that affect real people, not social issues that cause them to lose elections. If the GOP hopes to EVER take back control they need people like this, not the idiot right wing whackos that have taken over the party. The future of the GOP is not in social conservatism, it is in budget balancing, admitting the mistakes of the past, and promoting free markets with very strongly enforced rules.

amfaJan. 6, 13 8:22 AM

It looks like a good idea in principle, but will the group refuse to support potential candidates that have extreme social views, but just don't profess them on the stump? We're already stuck with one wing-nut who's more interested in getting air time over divisive comments so please set your filter high enough to keep others like her out.

summeroffJan. 6, 13 9:07 AM

drew support from Stanley Hubbard, of Hubbard Broadcasting, which owns KSTP-TV. Also he owns an FM radio station that is all Liberal all the time. Not one conservative on station. These women need an ex-wife like Gov Dayton has who has millions of inherited money to hand out. It will never be equal but its good they are trying.

formergopJan. 6, 13 9:12 AM

I wonder if they sign pledges or make commitments to non elected officials like grover? If they don't I like what I read.

csjohn1Jan. 6, 13 9:17 AM

When a group is hammered down by social issues - such as job discrimination, sex, equal pay, reproductive rights, health care benefits and more seeking a political candidate who professes to not have a social agenda is like hiring someone who refuses to do the whole job. As the republican party has a significant social agenda, its hard to imagine women running as republicans when the party takes such archaic stances towards women.

Kate23Jan. 6, 13 9:26 AM

Terrific role models to further conservatism: Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Amy Koch. Really?

onelesscarJan. 6, 13 9:27 AM

Yawn. Good luck with your agenda, not. President Obama understands the way to cut the deficit is to raise taxes on the rich. He has now done this and the fiscal cliff problem is GONE. So nobody is paying more taxes except the rich. There is no need to cut.

justamom41Jan. 6, 13 9:30 AM

It's ironic that this organization's essentially libertarian positions are most likely to appeal to Republican-leaning men. Genuinely conservative women understand the nexus between family and societal breakdown and expanding government.

albundy74Jan. 6, 13 9:35 AM

Nobody should want Minnesota turning into Mississippi. With that, fiscal conservatism is not a bad word. What the people of MN need is accountability of where the money goes. I would love to see a transparent publication of the state budget. This would include special projects, infrastructure repairs, staff sizing, distribution, etc. In other words, I'm fine paying for a bridge somewhere I may never drive across, or helping someone disabled I may never meet. I am not responsible for the building of cultural centers in Minneapolis or St. Paul.


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