Tax fight exposes divisions in GOP

  • Article by: MICHAEL D. SHEAR and , JIM RUTENBERG
  • Updated: January 5, 2013 - 6:47 PM

As battles loom over gun control to immigration, Republicans debate how to reshape strategy and party.

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elmore1Jan. 5, 13 6:56 PM

Good comments about the current GOP. They need to move to a common sense, moderate position to contrast the current extreme DFL position. Unless the DFL gets serious about cutting govt spending it will swing back the other way in the next election.

jimmyjames76Jan. 5, 13 7:26 PM

"Unless the DFL gets serious about cutting govt spending it will swing back the other way in the next election."..............The GOP is even less interested in cutting spending, and there is plenty of proof to back that up. They say the right things, but when the rubber meets the road they never actually cut anything. Tax cuts and increased spending....borrow and spend...that's been the GOP for at least 40 years. I think one of our biggest problems is that neither party has any interest in actually cutting spending.

now1776Jan. 5, 13 7:57 PM

GOP has issues that go back before the during the start of the Gulf war. If the GOP solve the long term short fall of social programs like medicare and SS it should have done so back when the war started. By putting two wars on a credit card and protecting the very rich we went into debt. With the wars winding down the GOP party with special interests want to protect the military industries. (We need to be smarter, let the Military decide what is needed, not the GOP) We do not need NASCAR track, lets invest in our own inter structure, like roads, failing bridges, failing sewers and the like. We need more common sense, less of BS ideas the GOP has pushed. I am all for doing things smarter, when the GOP has better solutions I will consider the GOP

mn2niceJan. 5, 1310:49 PM

One thing I see continuing is the Tea Party continuing to push the Republican party further and further to the right. As long as they continue to do that the Republican party will not gain much of anything, and will continue to alienate people who consider themselves to be moderates. As long as they drive the republican bus, its going downhill. Just look at the photo associated with this article. That says it all.

jcinmnJan. 5, 1311:47 PM

""Republicans will get their mojo back when they define themselves as the party of economic growth and upward mobility," said Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana,..." to do that the will have to embrace the same philosophy of another prominent Republican, a Mormon from Utah who got into FDR's head and brought the country out of the Great Depression. If they do that they will embrace the same strategy that the Democratic party has and the two shall become one. Can this country exist on a one party system?

marcymmbJan. 6, 13 8:17 AM

The reason the republican party is fractured because there are too many that act like democrates and not enough conservatives but what this paper fails to print is that the democratic party is also changing.

jpcooperJan. 6, 13 9:28 AM

I think the tax and fiscal fight show how "Unionized" and unified the Democratic Party is in that they do not want to fix our debt or economy, no spending cuts but "Forward" with tax increases and more spending and more entitlement programs!

onelesscarJan. 6, 13 9:31 AM

We do not need to cut spending. President Obama raised taxes only on the rich and this got rid of the fiscal cliff and the deficit issue.

idigbroadsJan. 6, 13 9:48 AM

If the the left wins the election in 2016 it isn't going to matter what the republicans do because the country will be at the point of no return. If people continue to blindly elect people based on misinformation and inaccurate media reporting it will not matter what happens. As a country we will be following in Greece's footsteps.

greg62Jan. 6, 13 9:54 AM

I think both parties have shifted more to the left, especially the democrat party.


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