Just a sperm donor, or the legal dad?

  • Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 6, 2013 - 8:13 AM

Families and fertility science outpacing the law.

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billybob8Jan. 5, 1310:45 PM

Take homosexuality out of the equation. What if a married man and woman hired a sperm donor on the side because the husband was infertile? If they divorced, and the husband claim non-paternity, the state would be doing the same thing. The legal system or qualified doctors are needed in these situations. There are many ways to make and raise a family, but cutting cornerns can have repercussions.

jal1962Jan. 5, 1311:15 PM

That doesn't make it correct. If a couple enters into a contract to have a baby, they should be held accountable, whether the offspring is their genetic code or not.

nomedsJan. 6, 13 6:29 AM

If you want a child then make absolutely sure that you can raise the child under any circumstances without seeking assistance from the Gov't a.k.a the taxpayers.

JMarvinJan. 6, 13 7:42 AM

When the child becomes a public charge, it becomes everyone's business. The law now makes it possibly for the hit-and-run variety of sperm donors to be tapped for child support. The state becomes a real party in interest, with the legal ability to bring action, when it coughs up support for the child. The single mother on purpose has no legal ability to contract away the rights of her child to support. I don't see how this is any different.

Thumper5316Jan. 6, 13 8:13 AM

Circumventing laws have repercussions. If you do something 'on the cheap' be prepared to suffer consequences. Either that or get the laws changed.

mandansmomJan. 6, 13 8:27 AM

So, if a couple go to a sperm bank and conceive, subsequently fall upon hard times, and need public assistance for the child, does the state pursue the anonymous donor or the bank? How many teen dads are pursued when their babies require assistance? Seems pretty random to me.

allhailfsmJan. 6, 13 8:40 AM

I think this makes perfect sense. If the sperm donor wanted to be protected from the "fatherhood" role, he should go through a legal channel. If there is no legal record of the donation, then any pregnant woman could claim the father was a "donor", and let him off the hook. She'll get her full benefits, and dad can still come and go with groceries and extra goodies. People need to be responsible for bringing a life into the world, through donation or natural conception.

okaybruceJan. 6, 13 8:51 AM

Mess with marriage and family, and you get a mess. Also, so much for the born that way argument.

ephrakerJan. 6, 13 9:03 AM

Wow, intended pregnancies requiring support from the state? Any kind of support or welfare payments should be tied to a 20 year wage garnishment for future earnings. There should be no increase in funding for more children which only rewards this behavior. It sounds like there needs to be additional language to the same sex marriage law (which I support)to make sure that there is true equality and hold the donor harmless in such situations.

clnorthJan. 6, 13 9:06 AM

"How many teen dads are pursued when their babies require assistance?" If they are not living off the system like the mom, they will be pursued and payroll garnished. He is legally responsible for this child. Stupidity is not an excuse.


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