Grand bargain: Back on the table in Congress?

  • Article by: ZACHARY A. GOLDFARB , Washington Post
  • Updated: January 5, 2013 - 7:22 AM

As Washington gears up for next phase of the fiscal wars, White House considers goal of a broad agreement.

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furguson11Jan. 4, 13 9:49 PM

Obama is such a tease.

chlyn001Jan. 4, 1310:19 PM

It's so pathetic that Congress is about to discuss if it will pay bills it has already authorized. Congress will soon be the image and example of "dysfunctional" when you look up the word in the dictionary.

logician88Jan. 4, 1310:21 PM

The existence of a "debt ceiling" is idiotic. If congress approves the spending, it is ridiculous to have a "debt ceiling" that keeps them from paying their bills. It has to go. Having said that, it is also reprehensible for the Republicans to use it to hold the country hostage. If they try to do it again, Obama should step aside and let the Republicans cause a default. It will be completely obvious that it is the Republicans fault.

jcinmnJan. 4, 1311:02 PM

Cut all you want Republicans. Cutting and digging your heels in will not improve the economy. The more you cut and the slower the recovery is the more you have to fear 2014. At this pace job growth will not recover all the jobs lost in the Bush era for 7 more years.

Guppy35Jan. 4, 1311:04 PM

Until cuts in military spending are seriously on the table, none of it will matter. Seems to me the military spending race essentially bankrupted the Soviet Union. You'd think we'd pay attention to that and not do it to ourselves.

potter101Jan. 4, 1311:08 PM

For the regressives to give up any fat guys tax break is way beyond ridiculous , they aren't going to get rid of any tax break for the people that control their party, You have to be kidding. It will be a middle class tax break I'll GUARANTY THAT.

potter101Jan. 4, 1311:12 PM

They want to cut tax breaks, i'll give them a list of 10, of those 10, 95% of the benefits goes to 2-3% of the population.

dflleftJan. 4, 1311:15 PM

DFL left theory says that Government should take of everyone, regardless if they have a job. And the only problem is we don't have enough Unions. Perhaps we should look up the definition of socialism.

barefootpaulJan. 4, 1311:35 PM

I agree that cuts should come from defense. Defense is by far the largest budget item we have that doesn't have an independent funding source. It's also the one with the most pork. We're paying for weapons systems the Pentagon doesn't even want. It's also a non sustaining expense since none of it goes back into the economy as does spending on infrastructure and even the so-called entitlements which mostly go to those who spend nearly all their income. We no longer need the vast military spending because traditional armies are not nearly as crucial for defense in the modern world as are intelligence and policing (which isn't even in the defense budget). There's no good reason for us to spend nearly as much as the rest of the world combined on defense - especially when many of the others are considered allies.

drsageJan. 5, 1312:51 AM

It seems the Republicans have a death wish. They set a record for filibustering, they produce the worst Congress in history, they reject old Bob Dole, they take us to the brink of the so called Fiscal Cliff, they leave the hurricane victims twisting in the wind, they are consumming themselves from within and seemingly are trying to do everything possible to get people to hate them....People are saying Why would they do THAT!!??? Now they want to hold the country and the world hostage on the debt limit. The Republican leadership has lost its collective mind. The People are done with their politics of brinksmanship and confrontation. They have broken our Political System and now they must go away. We DO need to cut spending, and we DO need to fix our monstrosity of a tax system, and we DO need to make the necessary adjustments for Social Security (this one is easy) etc. etc. but NOTHING IS GETTING if they don't begin to work for the people, within the rules and according to tradition then they will come face to face with the furor of the people and it will not be pretty. These problems can be addressed just the way they have been addressed in the past. Sitting down and working together to do what is necessary without all the drama and self inflicted pain. Make it happen Republicans....or you are history.


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