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  • Article by: BEN GOLNIK
  • Updated: January 4, 2013 - 8:40 PM

The GOP must get back to basics and return balance to state leadership.

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naseth12Jan. 4, 13 7:27 PM

I can't believe right-wingers are STILL trying to claim that balancing a budget by borrowing, from anywhere, is fiscally responsible. News flash (though not really): said "surplus" is an accounting sham, nothing more. Goodness.

radmodJan. 4, 13 7:35 PM

The Republicans' 2012 campaign preached fear and loathing. They didn't so much want you to vote for their candidates, but vote against the Democrats. The two constitutional amendment proposals stank of fear and exclusion so much, that only entrenched Republicans could support them. I have voted for Republicans in the past, but I will not support them until their message becomes positive. Tell me how you want to improve the state or country, not protect me from some gobblin out to get us.

farcicalJan. 4, 13 7:53 PM

The GOP-authored "Surplus" does not take into account the $BILLIONS$ owed to schools, for which districts must borrow themselves. The last time we had a genuine surplus was when Jesse was Gov and GOP fell in with the Dems because they were all anti-Jesse.

jurburJan. 4, 13 9:04 PM

Poor, poor Republicans. Their post-election public soul searching and pity pep talks for the abyss they dug that swallowed them whole has become to the majority so very tiresome. The only ones who seem to be surprised that they lost so grandly are themselves. What has been evident to the rest of us for oh, so long is their utter failure at governing which is why so many were replaced or never elected in the first place. This article belongs in the writer's self-help journal and not in print. His inaccurate utterances regarding the Citizen's United ruling helping unions and the Democratic party when in fact they were outspent nationwide 10:1 by Rove & Koch & Co during the election just tells one that this particular Republican has learned absolutely nothing about voters and honesty.

erikj3Jan. 4, 13 9:07 PM

"The GOP must get back to basics and return balance to state leadership."...Pay your rent yet?

mn2niceJan. 4, 13 9:08 PM

Is this guy really serious claiming there is a surplus, when everyone knows we still have a $1 billion deficit? Just another Repub living in fantasy land. And, has he also forgot about the $1+ million the Repub party is in debt? Most people I know are not fools, and I seriously doubt they would believe the nonesense he is peddling here. I also noticed he said nothing about cleaning up their house in terms of ethical behavior by those in office. Did the Amy Koch-Michael Brodkorp affair teach him nothing? To me, he lacks complete credibility preaching about one-party rule.

sek2undrstndJan. 4, 13 9:11 PM

Mr. Golnik, claiming that Republicans balanced the Minnesota budget is like claiming that tax cuts bring in more revenue to federal tax receipts than they suck away; they're both lies. Here is the truth; Governor Dayton accepted the Republicans' offer that balanced the budget by $1.4 billion budget difference by delaying payment of school funds and borrowing against the state's tobacco settlement. And borrowing against the state's tobacco settlement will actually cost the state $500 million more down the road because of the interest Minnesota will have to pay investors interest on the bonds. In essence, Republicans mortgaged our future in order to protect the most fortunate from having to pay their fair share.

elmore1Jan. 4, 13 9:27 PM

The GOP needs to move to the center. If they do this with a positive spin they will pick up the moderate vote. A DFL led state is a very scary thing... tax and spend, unions, more entitlements...their agenda hasn't changed in 50 years.

sek2undrstndJan. 4, 13 9:32 PM

And yet I would bet Mr. Golnik would be the first to stand up on his soapbox and claim that one party rule in places like Texas and Mississippi work great.

probsolverJan. 5, 13 4:45 AM

Who cares what party rules as long as we have individual thinkers that dont give away our childrens future to every Tom, Dick, and Mary who believe they deserve freebies because they desire freebies.


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