Sid Hartman: Twins' early-season success a pleasant surprise

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 5, 2008 - 3:53 PM

A lot of people didn't give the Twins much of a chance to compete this year, but in rallying from six down Sunday, they showed they are never out of it.

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JMo1515May. 4, 0810:16 PM

Very impressive outing. Redmond's comments nailed it. There's something to be said and appreciated about a guy who gets worked over, stares adversity in the face and picks it up a notch. Everybody can thrive when the going is good -- it takes a special something that very few have to make things work when the bounces aren't going your way. Good job, Boof.

bewilder2May. 4, 0810:44 PM

I'll tell you what, today's victory was extremely impressive. To add to the momentum: CNNSI's power rankings on Friday put Detroit at 17, jumping ahead of the Twins at 18. What they said of Detroit: "The rest of the division blew it. The Tigers are back." Of the Twins: "The Twins, meanwhile, are hovering around .500, waiting for things to click, looking for some hitting. It's not happening. That blur they saw pass them was the Tigers." Hrmph. The Twins are proving year in and year out that you have to play the games before crowning a champion. And Brewster getting a four-star RB for '09, ahead of LSU? Say what you want, but I can't help but be stunned by his recruiting. I'm starting to think that after two more seasons he is going to get some buzz surrounding the program. Let's see how they do.

hugelatsMay. 4, 0811:37 PM

Yeah, I guess when you have those two in your line-up you kinda HAVE to keep battling...

dannyb1May. 5, 0812:03 AM

Good win for the Twins! It is good to see them compete with teams in the division. I watched the entire game, but I have to admit I was about to pull the plug and mow the lawn. I only got the front done but it was worth it.

expression451May. 5, 0812:40 AM

Well, I've been hearing some interesting things online, but it's just fans keeping busy I'm sure. I've heard of sign and trade opportunities for Okhur, and I'd gotten quite a whirl-wind on an idea of trading Boston's 1st next year, Rashad McCants, Walker, and Madsen to the Utah Jazz for Andre AK-47 Kirelinko who spends about half the year in the doghouse with Jerry Sloan. Trade for AK-47, get lucky in the draft and get Rose, pick up DJ White and either Anderson another PF to replace Rhyno and Richards... Could be an interesting offseason for the basketball team provided Kevin McHale isn't around to screw it up! Help make this a reality Sid. Let's send him packing!

r2d2jjMay. 5, 08 4:30 AM

I aggree with Jmo that was an impressive outing by Boof and the team. It appeared at first it was the Twins ready to pack it in and get on the plane an leave town. Something in Boof's demeanor kept me at the television to watch the game. Boy am I'm glad I did. It's been exciting to watch this team so far. There not as predictable as I thought they would be. Keep it up.

klide2May. 5, 08 5:29 AM

just remember boys, I called it. the season is unfolding just as I saw it. this team will win 90 games this year. far too much talent to not. we have a lot of arms to step in when someone goes down. nobody even misses johan or mentions him at all anymore. gomez is far more important to this team than johan was. plus we have another johan coming up that we got in the deal. how can you not love this team? eventually perhaps tolbert will get third base to himself fulltime. what a solid young ballplayer he is.

jmarksorMay. 5, 08 5:31 AM

the Twins lineup is feeble and Boof is triple A material. Talk to me after the Twins bomb out this weekend against Boston!!

jmarksorMay. 5, 08 5:44 AM

like it makes a difference! The Twins will get throttles like they always do against Boston!

pete1949May. 5, 08 6:00 AM

Mr Maturi comes out and says 6 of the loses last year for Gogher football were by an average of 6.2 points. Lets sugar coat a bad season even more. And those loses were to who-USC Ohio State etc-no not quite. Lets not keep making excuses and lets put a compeitive team on the field.


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