Wolf season ends, but not debate

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 4, 2013 - 6:50 AM

Does the easily reached quota point to resurgence or vulnerability of once protected animal?

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erikj3Jan. 3, 1310:40 PM


bebebigaloJan. 3, 1311:07 PM

No other state has had the success that MN has and we have thousands more than most states. Take your energy and focus it on impoverished people and the mentally ill.

captmomoJan. 3, 1311:15 PM

Can't wait until next year! I need a new rug...

sek2undrstndJan. 3, 1311:37 PM

I, too, was surprised at how quickly the quota was reached. I didn't think hunters and trappers would even reach it. This might point to the fact that there are more wolves in Minnesota than we think or it could be the fact that wolves haven't been hunted or trapped for decades. Whatever the reason, I suspect the wolves will quickly learn to be more wary in coming years.

sek2undrstndJan. 3, 1311:40 PM

This is a serious question: Is wolf meat worthwhile to eat? If so, how does it taste? And no I'm not interested if it tastes like chicken. I am wondering if it has a gamey taste.

mule52Jan. 4, 13 4:56 AM

Thanks DNR for the great job you did with the wolf hunt!. Congratulations to the hunters and trappers who harvested a wolf!

oxboardJan. 4, 13 5:13 AM

400 legally killed, another 400 or so killed without a license. Farmers/ranchers hunters have always killed a wolf or coyote if spotted especially during deer season, and farmers blow them away on site...just because.

redkayakJan. 4, 13 6:02 AM

Hunting should be allowed because of the benefit of teaching wolves to avoid humans. Trapping should be eliminated due to the risk to other animals and the risk of unattended traps causing suffering. We had a dog killed in a trap and it was gut wrenching when we finally found him.

billbinloginJan. 4, 13 7:09 AM

The takeaway is all those "please donate $5 to the humane society to protect fluffy at the pound" is BS. They are taking your money and sueing our DNR. Wasting state resources on a misguided crusade to protect the timber wolf in the face of irrefutable evidence that we have too many wolves. I live on the northern border of MN. The deer population up here is all but gone. The wolves are currently in town cleaning up the last of the deer in the area. The deer are here trying to get close to people for protection. Later this winter the wolves will be in deep trouble as there will be little for them to eat. Mother Nature is cruel and what is about to happen to is not going to be pretty. The fellow that is the state director of the humane society is clearly either an idiot or has a different agenda. I would imagine its the latter. He gets misguided folks with good intentions to donate money to him......bad idea folks. Someone needs to write an article to that effect.

clnorthJan. 4, 13 7:17 AM

"farmers blow them away on site...just because." ... they are about to have their livelihood for diner.


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