New job leads State Rep. Gottwalt to abruptly quit

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 3, 2013 - 9:32 PM

He will leave within the month, citing demands tracking state health policies.

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horacedjonesJan. 3, 13 9:22 PM

The legislature should entertain a law prohibiting sitting legislators from working for firms that lobby the legislature. There should also be a ban of perhaps 5 years from working with any such lobbying entity after leaving the legislature.

propagandistJan. 3, 13 9:25 PM

I guess a new standard question for candidates is whether, if elected, they are committed to serve out their term if something better comes along.

sek2undrstndJan. 3, 1310:39 PM

Since CDI is a benefactor of the current fee-for-service medical system and doctors who have an economic stake in imaging centers prescribe imaging 63% more often than those who don't, I doubt Rep. Gottwalt will be lobbying for comparative effectiveness. Instead, his full-time job will see to it that the exchanges prohibit such a situation so health care costs can increase even more.

alanam8Jan. 3, 1310:40 PM

While we are discussing new laws - how about a law requiring sitting legislators to reimburse the state for the cost of a special election if they leave the legislature in the midst of their terms to grab a private sector opportunity? Public service is a commitment - ditching it for private sector money while leaving the taxpayers a bill to fill your seat isn't showing much of a commitment. It's selfish.

pinky1933Jan. 3, 1311:00 PM

stunning political miscalculation.

chuckdancerJan. 3, 1311:07 PM

There must be more to this situation. I think the guy needs to make a living for his family and they dropped a pretty goood salary on him so he pretty much had to take it. Capitalism is all about self interest.

luzhishenJan. 3, 1311:33 PM

You know, the Mn GOP just keeps moving the limbo stick lower...I wonder if all the people he cut off of MNCARE can get a piece of his salary?

dwntwnerJan. 3, 1311:52 PM

Good riddance. The House sponsor of the failed marriage amendment that played a role in the utter destruction of the state GOP in November stands for re-election and then resigns before the new session even begins. He must have sent out resumes the day after the election, once he saw how completely his plans backfired on him. He doesn't even have the decency to wait two years and serve the term he just campaigned to get. Wonder how all of his fundraisers feel about that...

tooty123Jan. 4, 13 3:06 AM

Amazing how a few hours can change his mind so quickly. He wouldn't have resigned if the media hadn't published it this morning. Guess getting a corporate welfare doesn't even faze him. He knows where the money will be. But he still shouldn't be able to lobby in MN.

bgmach3Jan. 4, 13 5:44 AM

Ya know what Gottwalt? You are a prime example of what will lead to the ultimate destruction (that is already in progress) of our democracy.


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