Aftermath of agonizing fiscal cliff vote will be felt statewide

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 3, 2013 - 10:25 AM

Farmers, politicians could be stung by last-minute settlement.

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elmore1Jan. 2, 13 9:55 PM

Mr Franken should look to fund his "investments" through cuts in govt spending.

roymercerJan. 2, 13 9:57 PM

There's nothing to agonize over, other than retention of your precious Congressional job, Mr. Kline. Do the right thing and stop the spend-and-tax hemorrhage coming out of Washington. We already have one Democratic Party. No need for two, thanks.

jpcooperJan. 2, 1310:14 PM

"That's when President Obama and congressional Republicans will face off over the nation's debt limit and more than $1 trillion of budget cuts scheduled to kick in during the next decade."

THe CBO has estimated that under the current law we will add $11 Trillion to our debt over the next 10 years, cutting $1 Trillion ( $100B per year) still leaves us with $10 Trillion new debt!

Who is Obamas next target? $100k-400K? earners? demonize that group next! Obama robbing from the rich to give to the hood!

northrnlitesJan. 2, 1310:30 PM

It seems Kline gets it. The Party of NO is going to implode if they don't get serious about compromise. The people are tired of being held hostage while they spin their agenda. Paulsen made a big mistake...

arspartzJan. 2, 1310:37 PM

The Party of NO is going to implode if they don't get serious about compromise.

There was no compromise, the GOP rolled over and played dead. a 41:1 tax to cuts ratio is a joke. How many times do the liberals have to renege on promised spending cuts before the conservatives stop falling for the lies. This is like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football.

jimmyjames76Jan. 2, 1310:38 PM

I applaud Kline and the other rational republicans that have the ability to think for themselves, and do what the vast majority of voters wanted them to do. Thinking independently, compromising, and doing what's best for the country isn't a weakness. It won't be popular with far right activists like Andy Parrish, but then very few people actually care what Andy Parrish thinks. He's the same guy that loudly criticized John Kriesel for opposing the gay marriage amendment. In his mind you can't be a republican and have an independent thought. Sad that guys like Parrish are the the public voice of the republican party.

mudcatgrantJan. 2, 1310:46 PM

Watching the comments about this fiscal fiasco has been nothing short of amusing. Some people act like their side "won" in this game of chicken. Unless their side is the politicians in DC, they won nothing. Obama has been touting a balance approach of tax increases and spending cut. The spending cuts never happened. Shocking. And the tax increases will fund the government for about a week. The politicians in DC are utter failures. And they will go through the same song and dance in a couple of months when raising the debt ceiling for the umpteenth time is the hot button issue. Fiscal calamity was not averted with this latest charade. It was only postponed.

ddellwoJan. 2, 1311:10 PM

"The Party of NO is going to implode if they don't get serious about compromise." -- Let's see how "compromise" goes when it comes time for the Democrat's to begin dealing with the necessary spending cuts!

baloney2Jan. 2, 1311:42 PM

Actually,neither party has anything to lose.The budget plan was just like the Base Closing Plan of a decade ago. Congress removed the charges of partisanship by creating a commission of Democrats and Republicans to find out how to lower the deficit. Americans assume you can continue to print money without impacting the currency.It is a fundamentally false assumption. Ross Perot proved this a decade ago with his charts,and everyone including George Bush senior hated him for stating the obvious. When you cut back on the subsidies,depreciation allowances,and entitlement programs you spread the pain. The loudest alarmists are those banks who depend heavily on Federal price supports or crop insurance for farmers. Those most likely to future deep cuts are the colleges and medical profession.

railroadJan. 2, 1311:42 PM

Finally the really rich will have to again pay their fair taxes in this country... I have to pay 18-20 percent and Mitt Romney had to pay 14percent.. is that fair? NO.. I have WAY under $100,000 a year and he makes millions...People should be really angry about the rich getting away with all the tax breaks instead of middle class and poor... but keeping people uneducated makes the subservant.....Stand up for the poor and middle class!!!.. vote to help yourselves not the RICH


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