Gun lobby's influence is overstated

  • Article by: HEATHER MARTENS
  • Updated: January 2, 2013 - 9:25 PM

A full history shows building support for responsibility.

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wtrfwlrJan. 2, 13 8:52 PM

More of the same anti-gun drivel. The NRA is always the boogeyman. It's the fault of guns. Get a grip. Neither the NRA or responsible gun owners are the problem. The problem is criminals commit crimes. What's next? A ban on "assualt knives" to prevent stabbings?

mnminnowJan. 2, 13 9:12 PM

"It doesn't matter that Columbine High School had an armed guard at the time of the massacre there. It doesn't matter that armed citizens have been present at many of the 62 mass shootings in this country in the last 30 years and have failed to prevent the killing at a single one. " The deputy at Columbine engaged at least one of the shooters and took return fire. I would argue if they were shooting at the deputy they weren't inside killing more defenseless students and teachers. Guards in schools will save lives but they won't prevent all incidents.

truthtopowerJan. 2, 13 9:46 PM

It sickens me that gun prohibitionists are dancing on the graves of those children in Connecticut. It is also sickening the lies that have been told about guns, gun owners, and the right to self defense. You're right though, the NRA isn't the driving force behind what is going on--it is the actual people who are exercising their Constitutional rights every single day that matter here. I know one thing very well--n o matter what laws are put in place, bad things will continue to happen and prohibition-minded people will never stop pushing their boundaries on what to prohibit next. So I say no more, if you don't like guns, it is a problem you have with yourself. The right to self defense is not negotiable in any way and there are many better ways an activist-minded person could spend their time

kvarnoldJan. 2, 13 9:49 PM

Re. the NRA, they are the most vocal, they spend the most lobbying money (for guns and gun manufacturers), to make sure that, if you can pony up the cash, you can get a gun. They won't support even common sense legislation. And when presented with the inconvenience of little children getting gunned down, all they can say is...wait, let me get this more guns. One answer, repetitive, with no

kvarnoldJan. 2, 1310:08 PM

And by the way, I haven't heard anyone talk about prohibition of guns...that is some lame argument thrown out by faux news, or rush, or some other such bloviater. Just some common sense rules...but the gun lobby doesn't have any...plenty of guns, just no common sense...

arspartzJan. 2, 1310:39 PM

Just some common sense rules...

You mean like proving you are an eligible voter (with an ID) before casting your ballot?

digger57Jan. 2, 1310:54 PM

" They won't support even common sense legislation. "_____What is common sense legislation? Is is legislation outlawing armor piercing ammunition? The NRA co-wrote it. Is it background checks on guns bought at FFLs? The NRA pushed to have it in the Brady Bill against the objection of the Bradys. Is it pushing for laws which have shown to raise murder rates? That's where the gun banners shine. After guns bans were put in place in DC, Chicago, England, and so on, murder rates did not go down, they went up. England is often touted as a gun banners paradise, their murder has gone up after their major bans. Statistically, I'm safer here in Minnesota than if I were in England.

ohwellJan. 2, 1310:57 PM

I read this and I see the author as someone who prays for the next bad act so she can further try to push her agenda. Again more people are killed in auto accidents we arent banning cars, we arent hanging drunk drivers we arent giving life in prison to cell phone users driving while texting. The second amendment is part of the United States Constitution, feel free to move to another country if you cant live with the Constitution we all live under. The guns are not the problem any more than the cars are in auto accidents , its the people using them.

Mark27Jan. 2, 1311:07 PM

There's a reason why no national political figure in the last decade has dared to look into the eyes of the NRA beast, and I'm highly skeptical that calculus has changed no matter what anecdotal evidence this writer or any other suggests. The problem is that guns represent a fetish for millions of Americans, and people with fetishes are incapable of thinking rationally or having the communal best interest at heart when it comes to the matter for which they have a fetish. Having a fetish or two of my one, I can empathize with the power they have over the human mind, and with the NRA exploiting this fetish by assuring its rank and file that there is no daylight between outlawing high-capacity ammunition agents and ATF agents going door to door to take away people's hunting rifles, it's a highly combustible mix that I suspect a majority of political leaders in both parties will, when the time to act comes, choose not to engage in this fight. And just as was the case in 1994, I suspect that the political calculus is unchanged here, with a minority of people who have a gun fetish positioned to exact more political retribution at the polls than can the soft majority who supports a few mainstream gun restrictions affect positive electoral returns for politicians who vote for them. Do you think Tim Walz, Collin Peterson, or Rick Nolan, as three local examples, has any political upside at all to casting a vote against the wishes of the NRA this year? I know if I was in their shoes, I'd think long and hard if I wanted to choose this fight...or live long enough politically to choose other fights that are more consequential to the direction of the country.

Mark27Jan. 2, 1311:30 PM

truthtopower, "It sickens me that gun prohibitionists are dancing on the graves of those children in Connecticut.".....It sickens me that the shiny object that goes "bang" has so much power over you that you fabricate a strawman about "gun prohibitionists" as a scare tactic against doing away with useless assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. But as I said upthread, I'm very close personally to conceding victory to you and the NRA's propaganda war on this issue, as your false equivalences spouted to a vulnerable audience of gun fetishists whose minds have been wholly consumed by said shiny objects that go "bang" have been extremely successful and I still suspect that those afflicted with the gun fetish will do far more damage to the country with the politicians they put into power than the amount of carnage that an occasional madman who goes on a shooting spree can incur. It's not an easy call though, as allowing the Adam Lanzas of this country breezy access to killing machines in the bedroom next door is a steep price of admission for indulging your all-or-nothing gun fetish.


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