Glitch on Minnesota DNR's wolf website has critics howling

  • Article by: JIM ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 2, 2013 - 6:08 AM

DNR's running tally went dark, worrying opponents of the wolf hunt.

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jugglerJan. 1, 1311:00 PM

We manage deer populations by regulated hunting, the same for all other game that is hunted or fished. Limits and quota are set and managed to maintain a health population. The enviro'nuts' don't care about that. They would rather see the wildlife over populate a region and starve to death, or get hit by cars. Wolves are a potentially dangerous animal that can kill humans. Of course to the enviro'nuts', human life isn't important.

reality8070Jan. 2, 13 2:48 AM

Apparently killing over 200 of the trouble making vermin by Government TAPPERS isn't enough for the "Howling Groups".... Yup, Minnesota has had to kill OVER 200 for problems with depredation and habituated wolves on the governments dime.... all in favor of the Center of Biodiversity paying for all depredation a depredation management say I!

mc490maicoJan. 2, 13 4:34 AM

They dont have a clue how many are actually killed,alot get killed that are not reported.

itsmyboatJan. 2, 13 5:23 AM

The wolf hunt was a political and financial decision an d has nothing to do with wildlife management and now the DNR has demonstrated that it cannot manage it responsibly. It needs to be shut down immediately, the entire system the DNR has in place to track not only wolf kills, but all hunting stats needs to audited and those responsible for this debacle need to be fired.

waterdogzJan. 2, 13 6:57 AM

I'm not really for the wolf hunt, but it's ridiculous to get worked up because of a short glitch in the website calculation of the count.

gankmanJan. 2, 13 7:13 AM

Hunting has been around since the time of man. Without these hunts, populations would increase year after year eventually leaving the ecosystem with an over abundance of predators vs. prey. Man has always been a piece of the puzzle to population controls in Wolves, Beavers, Deer, Rabbits and so on. Some people just need to go hug another tree.

martin64Jan. 2, 13 7:18 AM

What's going to happen when "man" is decided to be over populating and is deemed a threat as a predator?

jackpinesavJan. 2, 13 7:26 AM

Lighten up...folks! Is this the only data system in our computerized world that has had a glitch? This is the 1st year of a "study"; the data is there and will be helpful; lets finish the hunt and stop screaming at each other. Too much of that in the nation's capital already.

J_DubyaJan. 2, 13 7:38 AM

I fully understand and respect the need for population management. However, trapping is a terribly cruel method of killing an animal and needs to stop immediately. All hunting should be done as humanely as possible. Yes, I know you're still killing something, but there are far better and worse ways to die depending on the method used. End trapping now and forever.

evldedJan. 2, 13 7:40 AM

LOL if you believe this hunt is for "management" I have a bridge to sell you just off Hennepin Ave. too. Americans will believe anything as long as it comes out of the TV or "news"paper.


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