Flu surge has Minnesota health officials worried

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 2, 2013 - 7:20 AM

The sudden, early spike of cases hints at a severe flu season.

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weewillyJan. 1, 13 8:13 PM

I wonder how effective the flu shot is. How many people who get it still end up with the flu? How accurate are the annual predictions of which strains will spread the globe?

passingtimeJan. 1, 13 8:14 PM

B.S. I am calling B.S. on two counts. First of all, my son and I both had our Influenza shots in October. During the week of 12/17, we both came down with Influenza Type A. B.S. on the second count of limiting those who get Tamiflu. My son would have ended up hospitalized without Tamiflu lessening the effects. If my son struggles to breathe with the common cold, can you imagine what the flu did to him? And, as for myself, had I not had Tamiflu...who would have been able to take care of my son?!? After 24 hours of Tamiflu, I wasn't 100%, but I was well enough to actually leave the bed, and open a can of soup!

nancyp00Jan. 1, 1310:18 PM

It's curious that a number of health care workers are coming down with the flu also, I believe they are required to get vaccinated. I remember a few years ago many who were vaccinated got the flu anyway because it did not include the specific strain that hit folks the hardest.

probioticJan. 1, 1310:35 PM

Maybe it is time to consider probiotic. We are so focused on antibiotics...etc. My family have been using Blis K12 oral probiotic and we do not get as many winter illness like cold and flu, mild sore throat (used to get bad ones), and if we do get sick we recover a lot quicker because we don't seem to be getting bacterial infections. You may find http://www.blis.co.nz useful.

t_stevensJan. 1, 1311:29 PM

The flu vaccine is dangerous, period...especially for children. Still contains nearly 100x the mercury the EPA recommends as maximum for a single exposure for children. Sorry, the epidemic of Autistic-spectrum disorders is off the charts, while the flu is not. Autism is simply a clever cover by the CDC and AMA for mercury poisoning. Google mad hatters, mercury poising, and autism. Identical symptoms within age groups.

oimmigrationJan. 2, 13 2:30 AM

Did these people get a flu shot? And they got the flu anyway? Hmm. Otherwise healthy people dont need to go to the emergency room for the flu or a cold. Its only the flu and its been around for millions of years. These health officials like to scare people, and it makes the public panic, and it only drives up health care costs. Stay home and rest until you feel better. Im over 50 and never had a flu shot and Im still alive. So there, develop your immune system and make it more robust to fight off these germs. Nature is wiser than man.

oimmigrationJan. 2, 13 2:55 AM

Sounds like the flu shot is not very effective. And the mercury in it is not good for your health either. No thanks.

ladyfriend2Jan. 2, 13 6:37 AM

The two strains of flu causing most of this were not included in the flu shots, per the CDC. So yes, if you got your flu shot you are protected from the strains included (which vary year to year). If you have been getting your flu shot every year, without fail, know that once inoculated, it does not 'wear off' in a year, and you probably are well right now while other's aren't.

anywhoJan. 2, 13 6:40 AM

Don't we hear this every year while also hearing more and more people get the flu shot? Doesn't make sense. Also, who goes to the ER when they have the flu? Stay home and rest.

clnorthJan. 2, 13 7:35 AM

"know that once inoculated, it does not 'wear off' in a year, and you probably are well right now while other's aren't." Yeah, that is why hospital workers are getting sick too.


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