Make the middle class pay more

  • Article by: Marc A. Thiessen , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: December 31, 2012 - 11:08 AM

Republicans need to stop protecting Americans from the consequences of their decisions.

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northern1234Dec. 31, 1211:12 AM

Maybe republican voters shouldn't have been protected from having to pay for two unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the unfunded prescription plan, along with all the tax cuts created during the Bush administration. Maybe if these items had either been paid for back then or not done, we wouldn't be in the position we are in now.

alansonDec. 31, 1211:13 AM

It's the only leverage Republicans have. Look at what's going on right now. The only reason Democrats are thinking about restraining entitlements spending is because they have to bargain with Republicans over the level of taxation.

rileraDec. 31, 1211:16 AM

Let's talk about Iraq and Afghanistan, both wars started by Bush. These wars helped push the US to the cliff for needless reasons. The middle class didn't decide to fight these wars.

bison81Dec. 31, 1211:16 AM

Well said. Let the people pay for the big government that they voted for.

frankfurterDec. 31, 1211:17 AM

Mr Thiessen was a senior staff member during the George W. Bush presidency. Enough said.

wdntyouknwDec. 31, 1211:24 AM

Marc, your argument broke down at about the 2nd paragraph. False premise. The Americans voted for greater equity. And that pretty much undermines your entire stance here. But I guess you don't really understand what your opponents value and why.

mn2niceDec. 31, 1211:27 AM

Ah, another pearl or two of wisdom from a conservative think tank. How wonderful. NOT!

sundialDec. 31, 1211:29 AM

The issue isn't taxes. The issue is what do we want government to do and how do we pay for it. I agree both recent administrations have put too much on the credit card. So here's a proposal that both sides will hate: 1. Get the government out of the subsidy business, all the way from big oil, big ag, and, yes, home mortgages and charitable deductions. (If you want to contribute to charity, bless you. Just don't expect to get a tax deduction from it.) 2. Stop policing the world and close unneeded military bases. Start with bases in Europe. In case you didn't notice, the cold war is over. 3. Bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps to rebuild our infrastructure and conserve our natural resources. 4. Once we figure out what we want government to do, implement a flat income tax to cover the bill. 5. Forget ObamaCare and implement Medicare for all. That should get the ball rolling. I apologize to any Ox not gored.

marcsterleDec. 31, 1211:31 AM

Certainly the truth hurts. Let's jump off of this imagine cliff together. Raise taxes for EVERYBODY!!If you don't have any "skin in the game" you won't botrher to see where the money get's spent. Elections have consequeses. Now let's pony up, so out unborn grandkids won't have to.

reader2008Dec. 31, 1211:31 AM

This from one of the people who engineered the original Bush tax cuts, which we tranformed a balanced budget into the debt-financed debacle we're on now. I do agree, though, that we all need to pay higher taxes, as we did back in the Reagan and Clinton eras. We're deep in debt. We need to control spending, and we need to pay higher taxes to balance the budget and begin to pay down the debt. Our grandchildren will thank us for it.


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