Minnesota loses another lead, bowl game to Texas Tech

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 29, 2012 - 7:45 AM

The Gophers failed to hold a fourth-quarter lead, turning the ball over in the final minute to lead to the winning kick.

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wisstinks4Dec. 29, 1212:12 AM

I just cant take this any more, stupid defense. They had the game won and caughed it up. This is the most frustrating team on earth. How the hell can this happen again? &^%$#^#^$*$*(%$&&%($#(&@#(@*%&#&$&%#*@*(^$*@#^@*&*@#^%#*&($()#))#)#!!!!!!

rednusDec. 29, 1212:16 AM

This program is unbelievable. They can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against anyone. There is no reason to be proud of this team, they are not good enough. Trying hard isn't cutting it here.

mattmoscDec. 29, 1212:17 AM

wisstinks4: I can answer your question! Crappy coaching! And we will have at least 3 more years of this garbage..Unless they fire coach Kill and his staff!!

birdpeepDec. 29, 1212:18 AM

"how the hell can this happen again" ? This is a 2 and 6 team. 2 and 6 teams are generally poorly coached and have marginal players. They also lose games like this frequently. This is Goofer football, plain and simple, and until the sdministation steps up to the plate and hires a real D1 coach, this is all we can expect.

hannyumnDec. 29, 1212:18 AM

Gophers battled hard...it was nice to see players who grew up in MN take on Texas kids who were thought to be 10X better just because. MN has some decent talent in our HS pipelines, they just need to develop. Crawford-Tufts, Fruetche, Engel, MN O-Line, Rallis, Nelson, etc... I did notice that once we stopped the power running attack with I formation, double back sets, we didn't move the ball as effectively. Questionable 4th quarter play calling too. I see this game as a building block. I have higher expectations for next year. Keep it positive and keep moving forward! GO Golden Gophers! SKI-U-MAH!

WALDOTXDec. 29, 1212:18 AM

Jerry,Jerry,Jerry,.....Congrats on the best game plan I have seen, the greatest intensity,etc., but you puckered up like Mason in the last 2 minutes!!!!!!! Are you kidding? No safety when we are trying to protect a lead with less than two minutes left? Having your frosh qb throw down field with less than a minute left? Why not run it or throw a safe pass for a potential first down or at the very least make them use their last time out and punt? Hello!!!!!! This is why our fanbase is so whiney. You continue to torture us with good play followed by insanity.

daddyo61Dec. 29, 1212:20 AM

Defense? Really? The freaking coaching staff should be cleaned out for the way they handled this game. The play calling for the most part was decent, but the fourth quarter they coached like wussies. Yes wussies! Those kids gave their all and were 7 points from victory, and the offensive play calling when they needed to at least get 3 more points went to a prevent offense, preventing the Gophers from moving the ball. Jerry Kill and his band of Yee Haw coaches are FULLY responsible. But I agree with you on one thing, I can't stand to watch this team any more, which is why I turned my 4 outdoor club seats back to the Gophers two years ago. But I have the very nasty letter from ex-AD Maturi framed on my office wall as proof that the stadium was more important than fielding a truly elite football program.

goldengoph3rDec. 29, 1212:21 AM

I'm at a loss to explain how incompetent the Gophers' coaching was in the last four minutes. Unreal. Jerry, you and your coordinators lost that one.

WALDOTXDec. 29, 1212:21 AM

That being said, lets keep it positive. We kicked TT ass, we just found a way to lose. This is the best I have seen the rodents in a while. I loved their aggressive nature

kmlvhlDec. 29, 1212:23 AM

It hurts. But you could see it coming in the fourth quarter. You have a veteran QB in Tech's Seth Doege whose been through the fire -- go look at his resume -- and calmly led his team in the final 3 minutes. You have freshman quarterback in Nelson who doesn't have any touch and still needs a lot of work in the passing game. Most importantly...when the game was there to be put away -- thanks to the two interceptions -- Nelson didn't do it, left the door open for the veteran and then had the critical error. After his TD pass, he was 0-for-3 in the fourth quarter with the pick. The defense did fine. That's about as good as someone not named Kansas State has played Tech. So if you're Nelson, you dedicate your offseason to working on touch, working with your receivers, studying film and growing from this. Yep, it stinks. But that's reality. Time to move on.


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