Editorial: Answers needed on Mankato coach's job

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  • Updated: December 29, 2012 - 4:15 PM

Although he was cleared of charges, it's as if he's still on trial.

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bizsmithDec. 29, 12 4:22 PM

He made a mistake but it is the "over zealous" prosecutor and the officials at MSU that should lose their jobs.

garykhansonDec. 29, 12 4:29 PM

This whole thing is an overreaction to Penn State. Just because Paterno ran a fiefdom doesn't mean you jump on every imperfection just to protect University administrators from being fired. Get a life.

humph010Dec. 29, 12 5:49 PM

The university president alone did not make this decision; no doubt the MNSCU Board leadership was also consulted. I support the public university's decision that videos - made on your university phone - should always reflect university's integrity and goals.

fwallenDec. 29, 12 5:56 PM

It' a Bogus suspension! A half smart attorney will have a para-legal reserch a sample of say 100 Mankato staffs phone records and see how many have used the phone personally. I hope they start with the top administrators, and it would be interesting to see the phone records of the prosecutors. A rule unenforced for the vast majority can not be applied selectively.

erikj3Dec. 29, 12 6:58 PM

This guy's name and reputation were dragged through the mud by Mankato officials who didn't want another Sandusky on their hands, and by an overzealous prosecutor. It's just as disgusting as if he really had been guilty of crimes. However, in this case, he was exonerated. He should get his old job back, with any back pay. Meanwhile, Mankato and the Blue Earth prosecutors office have a lot of questions to answer...

thecynic5712Dec. 29, 12 7:19 PM

I assume that the public, through the University provides cell phones to the president and other officials. If so, are the records for these phones available to the public? If they are, I would like to view those records to see if my employees (the president and other university officials) have abused their phone privilages. A little help from the Strib on this perhaps?

rshacklefordDec. 29, 12 8:57 PM

"Minnesota deserves a straight answer from the university about why this winning, well-liked coach has been punished by the university after he was cleared by the court." ---- He isn't being punished, he got a promotion! That is the straightest answer you're ever going to get. If you don't like that answer, coaches are supposed to be very well trained leaders and he showed obvious poor judgment. If you don't like that answer, sue the school (aka go for it) but this will only drag on for his family to watch. Some have said that we should compare and contrast what his superiors have on their phones (like that is going to happen after Jass sealed the files). Just because a person was barely innocent by legal standards does not mean said person is not an idiot. However, if he is both innocent and not an idiot, he should be able to get another coaching job anywhere because people will say that is he "great and talented." BTW, there usually is a clause in every "leadership position contract" where if he/she makes the school look bad, that person is fired.

mn2niceDec. 29, 1210:10 PM

It was a witch hunt, pure and simple. And, two articles in as many days clearly shows the public is disgusted with the University's behavior and treatment of a winning head coach, inspite of the fact the court through out the county's case against him. It all makes the University and the County look really bad. If there have been any others employed by the University who have misused their University cell phone, it would be interesting to see if their "punishment" for having done so was of equal severity to the Coach's. I bet not.

bbbmmmDec. 29, 1211:24 PM

Have the coach provide an explanation on the second complaint that is being investigated. If there is nothing to hide, have the coach comment on what this active complaint is about. I'm guessing there must be some significant information that is not public information that the University is using to guide their decisions. Coach, provide the details if there is nothing to hide. The University is not stupid.

HBillDec. 29, 1211:43 PM

No double standards. The coach was cleared by the court. That should be enough.


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