DFL-led Legislature: New era or new error?

  • Article by: STEVEN E. SCHIER
  • Updated: December 29, 2012 - 4:14 PM

Or both? There are reasons why Democrats could cement their power -- and reasons to hope they can't.

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orono77Dec. 29, 12 5:08 PM

Under Pawlenty my property taxes quadrupled, which flies in the face of Republican rhetoric. Timmy said that was the fault of counties and cities but the sober voter know he lied – you can't cut funding and expect communities to make due, the world simply doesn't work that way. I view the rest of T-Paw's ilk in the same light – drunk on power and void of common sense. At the same time I think the Dems, including trust fund Dayton, are equally as clueless about the realities of the world. Minnesota and this great nation are always served best when the two parties of BS share power. Then only can they cancel out one another's deficiencies.

greg62Dec. 29, 12 5:13 PM

Of course it's a bad thing that hard core leftists have taken total control of the state. Say goodbye to jobs and hello to even higher taxes.

luzhishenDec. 29, 12 5:13 PM

Given the deficits run up by the fiscally responsible Minnesota GOP, we can only hope that the Democrats pay no attention to this shill. I bet his school didn't have it's funds shifted to cover someone's tax break.

greg62Dec. 29, 12 6:12 PM

"Under Pawlenty my property taxes quadrupled, which flies in the face of Republican rhetoric."______ Mine stayed about the same. You must live in Minneapolis where spending has been out of control for years. These lawsuit settlements they fork over must cost you guys a fortune!

elmore1Dec. 29, 12 6:29 PM

Interesting perspective. The key is to take a moderate approach for the good of the state. The national GOP and DFL are off the charts on extreme ideology and spending and my hope is that the state DFL will make common sense decisions irrespective of the radicals in Washington.

9moonsDec. 29, 12 6:34 PM

And this guy is a political science professor at the same school Paul Wellstone was. Shame on Carleton.

greg62Dec. 29, 12 6:40 PM

I certainly hope Mark Dayton (DFL) doesn't succeed in his push to make Minnesota the highest taxed state in the nation, but with thumbs up from leftist democrats in control of the House and Senate, I think we're in serious trouble.

erikj3Dec. 29, 12 7:03 PM

"Yes -- but one-party rule would be bad for Minnesota if it becomes the new norm."...I agree, however, can we really expect the party that can't pay it's own rent and pushes divisive social legislation that does NOTHING to benefit ANYONE to govern effectively or work with Dems to get things done? Not likely.

twspt7Dec. 29, 12 7:54 PM

"Second, government employment and administrative systems are often outdated and poorly equipped to respond nimbly to increasing rates of change in communication technologies and to social and economic conditions" This quote from the article is pure mumbo-jumbo. Why, one wonders, will "blue model" states suffer from governmental infrastructure deficiencies, especially given the fact that it is the "blue model" states that tend to fully fund government? This whole thing reads like someone trying to fit facts to theories, rather than theories to facts.

mchristiDec. 29, 12 8:34 PM

Mr. Schier's example of California conveniently leaves out the degree to which that state has been hampered by various initiatives that have created an outdated and severely limited tax structure and long placed control of budget and taxation in the hands of the legislative minority. California's government is filled with disfunction and is in need of significant reform because of the rules imposed upon it through decades of an out of control referendum process, not because of its supposedly being a "blue model" state.


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