Fiscal cliff: Republicans vs. Republicans

  • Article by: Dick Polman , Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Updated: December 28, 2012 - 11:06 AM

We have a crisis in governance because of the Republican ideologues in the U.S. House who seem willing to plunge America over the precipice.

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bblheadDec. 28, 1211:12 AM

Another article playing the party line game. Perhaps, if people were to get sick enough of the status quo, we could dispense with the party rhetoric and try using common sense? Wouldn't that be a refreshing change?

ranger1873Dec. 28, 1211:12 AM

Of course, the Democrat-led Senate which hasn't passed a budget in nearly four years and a President who hasn't made a recommendation on even a single concrete spending cut aren't to blame. Nope. Not at all. It's those eeeevil conservatives who think the number $16,000,000,000,000 is too much debt.

palme322Dec. 28, 1211:18 AM

I wonder if the author of this article is a Democrat? Sheesh

minnymnDec. 28, 1211:18 AM

Surely we can work together in Minnesota and get rid of our two worst do-nothing idealogues John Kline and Michelle Bachmann?

zztopfanDec. 28, 1211:19 AM

Many of us left the GOP when Bush proved he was no fiscal conservative and sank saddled this country with massive debt. And then, obama is anointed and takes the sinking ship to the bottom.

The GOP imploded some time ago and the continued daily bashing by the left wing media and liberals accomplishes nothing. The GOP is dead.

Now for the good news: The democrats are killing their own party and are imploding in front of us. To mask this they attack the GOP as if the GOP had any relevance anymore. At some point even the low information voters will come to recognize that the democrats are not on dysfunctional but have been lying for years. They are not "for the little guy". Never have been and never will be. The elites that run this party are no different than those in the GOP. They are power hungry and mean spirited.

So, go ahead and beat a dead horse. You are running out of excuses as to why nothing is changing.

puckluck77Dec. 28, 1211:26 AM

the blame game wont work this time. try being accountable for once. The average joe like me is calling both parties out! they should all be fired. GET TO WORK! Its embarrassing that grown people, getting paid well, cant sit down and work things out. quit pointing the finger, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

dentesterDec. 28, 1211:35 AM

No, we have a crisis in government because our government spends more than it takes in and the politicians lack the courage to cut spending. In fact, they want to raise taxes so they can spend even more.

Mippy1Dec. 28, 1211:41 AM

The GOP does not wish to govern. It wishes to rule. If it can't do that, it wishes to destroy. This is what a party run by plutocrats does.

money2145Dec. 28, 1211:44 AM

This country will stay the same way until We The People decide that we have to limit the terms that House and Senate members can serve. Today, Big Brother, is the House and Senators who are "Life Long Politicians" and who know every PAC member by first name and their family members, etc. They don't care about ANYTHING but getting re-elected. I don't care what party they call themselves, they are the problem, not the answer. Have them serve the Country for up to 8 years (if they can get re-elected) and then have them go back and get a "real job". These people who serve 10, 20 or 30 years are the problem. They don't care about anything except re-election. They refuse to compromise on anything except what their party tells them and they don't care about the needs of the Country. Is that attitude being any help to the Nation? NO! We should start a new party called the "Red, White and Blue Party" who's ONLY platform is to limit the amount of time a person can serve in the House or Senate. Why is the President able to only serve 2 terms and the House and Senate can stay forever (if they live that long). We also have to cut the benefits that House and Senate members get. They voted these benefits to themselves, We The People didn't give it to them. They should get SSI instead of all of their political "retirement" benefits. They should get health care that you and I get, not "HEALTH CARE FOR SENATE OR HOUSE" members ONLY! And the extra benefits they get when they leave office should go too. I also think we have to get rid of the Supreme Court Justices who are able to serve until they die. I understand why they did that but that has to stop. The Highest Court just ruled that ANYONE; any company, PAC or whatever can contribute any amount of money they want toward any person, party or topic they want. That totally takes out anyone who is NOT a member of the two biggest parties. So that limits who can win any election. The High Court just sold out America in favor of Big Business and the PAC's. They must go. Let's go "Red, White and Blue". We The People will will win in the end!

stevenelDec. 28, 1211:51 AM

I wonder if what we're looking at is the eventual splitting of the GOP into two parties - the Tea Party and the grownups.


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