The worst Congress ever

  • Article by: Norman Ornstein , Foreign Policy
  • Updated: December 27, 2012 - 12:09 PM

There are still a few of days remaining for this Congress to counter that judgment. Don't bet on it.

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grameebabsDec. 27, 1212:13 PM

Whatever they do or do not do, it is altogether too little, too late. Worst Congress ever. Seriously.

andymannDec. 27, 1212:18 PM

Bottom line is it is NOT the job of the federal government to redistribute wealth. Those that think our president is doing anything other than that are crazy.

arspartzDec. 27, 1212:25 PM

Worst President ever. All he has to do is offer up significant cuts in social spending and or a tax increase on the 47% and they could come to a deal. Unfortunately, that would be compromise.

wa0tdaDec. 27, 1212:26 PM

As the title says. We are disgusted with Congress, but the blame lies not with the reasonable and dedicated members who work hard to craft good legislation that stands a chance of passing, but with the TEA Party ideologues and the spineless GOP leadership, including McConnell and Boehner who pandered to them from day one. We see a House with anti-science TEA Party leadership on the science committee, our own Michele Bachmann on intelligence, and many others who are so inexperienced and full of themselves that they have no problem ignoring facts and obstructing any possible compromise on anything from social issues to revenues.

drillforoilDec. 27, 1212:28 PM

THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER......This is the worst leader ever in the history of the United States.

pumiceDec. 27, 1212:42 PM

From the article: "Governing in a system where a sizable number of lawmakers are immune from larger electoral and societal forces is a formidable challenge." Of the very few strategic errors made by Obama for America, failing to engage in the 2010 mid-terms is the biggest and most consequential. Voters who didn't turn up allowed the Redistricting Majority Project to succeed in its goal of electing Republican majorities in time for redistricting. The consequence is more Congressional Districts where lawmakers are immune from electoral forces.

freewheelerDec. 27, 1212:56 PM

When throwing stones make sure to include the worst run Senate and President in the past 80 years. Both lack leadership and govern from a "Blame someone else" mentality. Wait until January and the finger pointer in-chief goes full throttle.

GjbrayDec. 27, 1212:56 PM

No leadership from the democrats. The Senate has not passed a budget in four years!! Obama never offers a compromise, just blame republicans. The House has passed many bills that the Senate does not even consider, let alone vote on. If the Senate does not like a bill, come up with their own and maybe a compromise would be possible. The democrats have the Presidency and the Senate - they should lead instead of watching the House and complaining. Even the democrats know the American people will reject their socialism if they were honest about their goals. The TEA Party might have saved the USA. Obama has no leadership skills, lies constantly, and is really not very intelligent. The less Congress does the better off we all are.

polaricecapDec. 27, 1212:57 PM

I read this article to learn why/how CONGRESS could change their "worst ever" image. What I read was that the "Worst Ever" label is actually the fault of the Republicans. No mention of the role of the OTHER party in achieving this label except to point out how Congress has a chance to redeem itself IF ONLY the Republicans would cooperate with the Democrats. The Tribune could change its label of "Most Biased" by the end of the year too. But don't count on it.

EleanoreDec. 27, 1212:58 PM

"We see a House with anti-science TEA Party leadership on the science committee" - I have a feleing in your rush to demonize the tea party, by the time the religious extremists are seen for what they are, radicals outside of any party, the party of limited government, fiscal restraint, and constitutional compliance, will already have beaten the GOP and democrats at their own game. It won't be called the tea party, but the same people you're vilifying as a group, will be cleaning up after the mess your group got us into. There really is no other alternative that maintains the nation and our constitution, you might as well get used to that and try dialing back on your hate speech.


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