Mall of America takes steps to guard against repeat of melee

  • Article by: THOMAS LEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 8:58 PM

Amid extra security, day after Christmas is mostly quiet this year.

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beavis38Dec. 26, 12 9:28 PM

It is too bad that they need to have these age restricitions. Not all young kids are bad but the bad ones set the stage. How about go after the bad ones and if you are kicked out of the mall for causing problems you are NEVER allowed back. Problem solved. Let the good kids shop and hang out. Most kids will behave. Don't punish the good ones please.

wildfoxDec. 26, 12 9:47 PM

Melee in mall .... kick out the trouble makers for good and let the responsible youth in the mall. Why is it we all pay for a few people that make bad decisions?

hotbariDec. 26, 1210:11 PM

And exactly how do you plan on keeping the repeat offenders out. ID scan of EVERY person that enters the mall? Come on.

hockeydad2Dec. 26, 1210:12 PM

So, what do you do to keep the bad kids out forever? Wanted posters? Rewards? Biometric scanning? Bounty Hunters?

MagicDec. 26, 1210:39 PM

Light Rail caused crime to skyrocket at MOA. Now their planning on building Light Rail out to Eden Prairie Center. I can't wait to see some EP City Council Member acting surprised that crime is skyrocketing out in there.

beaglemomDec. 26, 1211:36 PM

Really? I had just arrived this evening with my son when people began running out, there were frightened people, running security officers and they brought the dogs out. We left but it appeared to be more than what is written here!

petenelsonDec. 27, 1212:55 AM

It was reported, without substantiation, that there was a shooting at the south food court of MOA, around 5:45 pm. No news on the local media of the same... The onslaught of supposed non-desireable youth at MOA began almost as soon as it was opended. I can recall a youth counselor in the early 1990's telling me they came via bus lines when the place opened, to hang out, sell drugs, etc. The idea of ID and permanent expulsion for some miscreant youth really doesn't sound so bad, if the rest of the shoppers, workers and consumers of/at MOA are kept safe. They'll get the message, and stay away.

billa18Dec. 27, 12 1:24 AM

"Minor fight in the food court"? I was walking away when it happened and people were running and screaming. I went back to see what had happened and all of the stores were in lockdown. A police officer was telling people to head towards the exits and I asked what happened and he said and I quote "We have had shots fired". I left after that so I don't know what is happening...

SwiftBoatDec. 27, 12 7:54 AM

You can't legally carry at the MOA. I find that a very risky place to go. I rarely go there.

liberallymnDec. 27, 12 8:19 AM

Minor Melee in the Food Court? Really? Then why was my daughter and 5 of her friends rushed in to a store under a lockdown, with the gates pulled down and them ushered into a back hallway? She described it as sheer panic as people were running in 15 different directions away from the food court as the police and security rushed in, moving customers into nearby stores under the lockdown. After 30 minutes of lockdown, my daughter asked the Bloomington Police officer if it was safe to stay in the Mall, and he encouraged her and her friends that it would be much safer it they left the Mall. Looks like the only lockdown we have is the Simon Properties telling the media there is nothing to report here...move along...shoppers have money to spend. My daughter....will never, ever, ever go to that Mall again between Christmas and New Years.


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