A road map for prosperity in Minnesota

  • Article by: RYAN WINKLER
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 8:16 PM

Will our economy give everyone a chance to get ahead, or will it pick a few winners and leave everyone else behind?

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furguson11Dec. 26, 12 8:47 PM

MIT has a kind of fun poverty and living wage calculator at livingwage.mit.edu In Hennepin County poverty is $5.21/hour (lower than minimum wage) and a living wage is $9.69/hour.

clownbasketDec. 26, 12 8:53 PM

I'm so glad I recently moved away from MN (to NV). This piece optimizes what's wrong with this country (and MN). Not one mention of cutting spending or increasing freedoms and liberties. No understanding that if government would just get out of the way, things would get better. Instead the democrats are chomping at the bit to spend (and tax) more for their liberal agenda. "Bigger government!" Is the rallying cry. Soon Minnesota can join California and Illinois as deep deep blue states on the road to bankruptcy...the big Fed is not far behind. Good bye Minnesota...literally and figuratively.

roymercerDec. 26, 12 8:57 PM

Why not make the minimum livable wage $50k/year? And why do DFLers still not grasp the immutable las of market economics?

lakneeDec. 26, 12 9:18 PM

ARRey sez: There are probably many in the GOP who also have no grasp of the immutable las of market economics.

probsolverDec. 26, 12 9:41 PM

This article is fluff. Why have poverty rates increased? Have wages regressed? Are there more new people that have moved to the state that are increasing the numbers of people on poverty? Why is the educational achievement gap wide? Is it cultural? Socio- economic? What level of parental involvement accounts for this gap? There is no analysis provided in this article.

ddellwoDec. 26, 12 9:59 PM

This cliche-ridden article provides a microcosm of our clueless ruling class. Today's politician's are utterly inept, and can do little more than spew party talking points.

hermajestyDec. 26, 1210:08 PM

probsolver: I can answer one question. Wages have regressed in real terms. The buying power of the minimum wage peaked in 1979. If the minimum wage had kept up with price inflation, it would be $15.00 an hour. If it had kept up with the rise in top executive compensation, it would be $23.000 an hour.

hermajestyDec. 26, 1210:12 PM

clownbasket: It would be very nice if everyone who thinks that Minnesota is overtaxed and has too many regulations did move to places like Nevada. Then they could enjoy their low-government paradises, and we could take Minnesota back to its glory days, before the Republicans became Johnny One Notes who saw low taxes as the cure for everything.

garagewineDec. 26, 1210:40 PM

Wage floors, higher taxes and more regulations. Sounds like a recipe for prosperity to me.

censormaxxDec. 26, 1210:44 PM

Elections have consequences -- and the results of continued election fraud by the looters of the productive classes of this state will push those productive classes to move. The graphic from this oped forgot to list "Shantyville" and "Takertown" on the Minnesota map - as given the DFL policies that Winker et al desire - that's more and more the type of cities we'll see in this state. Idiots.


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