If Boehner falls, Huntsman is best for House Speaker

  • Article by: Norman J. Ornstein , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 9:50 AM

The Constitution does not say that the Speaker of the House has to be a member of the House. Jon Huntsman would look beyond party and provide a different kind of leadership.

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evldedDec. 26, 12 9:58 AM

So let's recap... Tea Party ousts Boehner for not being far enough to the right, and yet this writer thinks they'll vote in Huntsman who is a good politician, but not to the right of Jim DeMint: Which is the current GOP litmus test.

drichmnDec. 26, 1210:02 AM

wow, the GOP elite are really getting desperate to encourage the House to elect as speaker someone who's not even a member.

lukasDec. 26, 1210:17 AM

The author obviously doesn't understand the idea of a constitutional republic. It was set up this way with intention of protecting the minority, no matter how "radical" one thinks the minority is. Keep in mind that a "radical" seems to have now morphed simply into any person who has a differing view of your own. Get over yourselves and understand that mob rule should not be the law of the land.

daveiniraqDec. 26, 1210:34 AM

This op-ed should be titled "Obama deserves a Speaker who will give him everything he wants". And the Constitution does require the Speaker to be a congressman; Article 1 Section 2 says "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several State"

justsayinDec. 26, 1210:36 AM

I suppose Obama could promise Boehner enough DEM votes for re-election as Speaker, in exchange for a balanced bargaining position, but then Boehner would be chastised for eternity by the far right. It's too bad because Boehner does seem to be a decent guy caught in a trap.

hermajestyDec. 26, 1210:40 AM

lukas: No, the term "radical" in the usage of most Democrats means that the current Republican party is so far to the right that it would be considered off the radar in most other countries. In fact, certain factions have developed distinctly fascist overtones (not Nazi, fascist).If you look carefully and honestly at the so-called "Conservative" parties in most other countries, you'll find that they're about where the mainstream U.S. Democrats are.

joeshermanDec. 26, 1210:40 AM

Huntsman is a closet Democrat. This was evident during the short time he was in the last election process.

swschradDec. 26, 1211:13 AM

that op-ed article is complete nonsense. how about Arne Carlson? how about Steven Colbert? how about the bus driver who runs the 3B past Rice Street at 8 am. the House Speaker is a brother of the body, and that's how it works. might as well bring in the captain of the Capital Police as follow this pinhead advice from an obvious Christmas-card buddy of Huntsman. he can get an election certificate if he wants to try for the job.

sambisselDec. 26, 1211:36 AM

Yes, Norm Ornstein is a lib radical. Of course that makes his job at the American Enterprise Institute a bit of a mystery. Remember this is the same place that ousted David Frum for suggesting that Rep and Dems must work together for the good of the nation. But you can see from the comments of some of the posters here that working together is not a priority of some on the far right. Makes you wonder just what their priorites are.

middleman711Dec. 26, 1212:19 PM

Ha, funny piece. And perhaps if the Democrats regain control of the House they could elect Ron Paul as Speaker, to provide them with a correspondingly different kind of leadership.


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