Obama to cut short holiday in Hawaii, leave Wednesday for Washington as 'fiscal cliff' looms

  • Article by: MATTHEW DALY , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 3:36 PM
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xyz123qDec. 26, 12 8:16 AM

Think about how many millions were just spent so Obama could go golfing in Hawaii. I bet Michelle, kids, and entourage flew out ahead of Obama and will fly back after Obama.

duckhunter97Dec. 26, 12 8:19 AM

They should have locked them all in a room and don't let them out till they reach a deal. There all hypocrites and frauds....

barefootpaulDec. 26, 12 8:49 AM

We're better off with no deal - at least not until Republicans indicate some willingness to accept defense budget cuts and tax increases for millionaires.

notforwardDec. 26, 12 9:07 AM

He never should have left. What a tool. Of course he could have addressed any number of these issues in his first term because they all had deadlines, but I guess priority one was to divide us.

muggsh2oDec. 26, 12 9:08 AM

Why would he even be on vacation when the situation is what it is. Are we supposed to be impressed that he's cutting the vacation short? As we come into that time of the year when I give performance appraisals to my employees, I can't help but think about this guy. If he were in the private sector, Obama would either be on a performance plan to improve his job performance, or in most cases, he'd be fired. Instead, he's had more vacations than most of us get in a lifetime in 4 years and we've paid for them all. It's time for hope and change!

sunnyboyDec. 26, 12 9:09 AM

A real leader wouldn't have left in the first place. It's all about him - classic narcissist being aided by his minions in the media creating his Munchausen by Proxy side show.

hitch22Dec. 26, 12 9:17 AM

Not sure if the headline is meant to sound patronizing but it really does. I'm not an Obama supporter but does anyone think that a President would use a family vacation as an excuse not to at least try to address a "fiscal cliff"?

greg62Dec. 26, 12 9:23 AM

I'm glad that outrage over his excessive vacation time finally got him off the golf course. I don't think he wants to resolve the fiscal cliff issue though, there is nothing he would like more than to raise everyone's taxes.

franknjackDec. 26, 12 9:30 AM

xyz123q--Get over it. Hawaii may seem like a resort to you, but it's his home. And the notion that he's not working while away is pure nonsense. BTW, I suppose you spewed the same rants when Bush spent more vacation days on Texas than any President in history.

mike06597Dec. 26, 12 9:31 AM

These buffoons have seen this coming for over a year. Why should we expect them to do something in the next 5 days? The problem has been and continues to be the spend side of the equation. Spending at the federal level has exploded in the last six years- that includes the last two Bush years and all four Obama years. If we feel the need to go back to the Clinton era tax rates, let'a adopt the Clinton era spending rates too.Spending is the problem, not a lack of "revenue" (taxes in plain English).


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