Democrats face internal cliff hangups

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 1:02 PM

Agreement is not only needed between parties, but also within each party.

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paulskiDec. 25, 12 9:34 PM

Someone needs to tell Keith that nothing should be off the table

nordeastguyDec. 25, 12 9:44 PM

"Franken and Ellison also argue that Social Security does not add to the debt" - No wonder this country is in such debt if this is the belief of some far-left wingers.

Truckman182Dec. 25, 12 9:44 PM

Hey Keith millionaires pay their fair share and then some. Who are you Obama to decide what their fair share is? Neither of you have the right to confiscate others wealth because you can't balance your own budget.

barefootpaulDec. 25, 12 9:51 PM

Why should Dems have to specify all the cuts? For all their screaming about wanting more cuts than revenue, all Reps have come up with so far is a plan to ensure none of them come from defense, which is ripe for cutting since we're paying for systems the Pentagon doesn't even want. Better to just go over the fiscal hump and let them negotiate what to restore and how to pay for it.

buckhunterDec. 25, 12 9:59 PM

All the Dems can talk about is raising taxes. If they (and the GOP) would start talking specific CUTS and put them in place ----- the rating for Congress would go up. I am sick and tired of hearing raise taxes on the rich - that move would fund the country for about EIGHT days! Wake up and learn how to count!!! WE want CUTS and I for one, will not vote for ANY in Congress who do NOT vote for specific cuts in spending!!!

jpcooperDec. 25, 1210:09 PM

"With Republicans in Congress unable to even ask millionaires to pay their fair share...Keith Ellison

Keith 2 points, #1 Top 5%, those making more than $154K per year pay 60% of all Federal taxes. 5% pay 60% 95% pay 40%!!! #2 Keith if your going to cherp about fair share release your tax forms so we can see your income and your tax rate and your charitable contributions

ddellwoDec. 25, 1210:18 PM

The phonies in Washington battle over pennies while the country is bleeding dollars in the trillions.

furguson11Dec. 25, 1210:42 PM

Let the country go over the cliff and get rid of all of the "temporary" fixes and cut from defense and domestic programs. Then we can start from that base and decide what our priorities are.

maddyinmplsDec. 25, 1210:56 PM

Keith Ellison knows nothing about how the world works. He's always lived off the government dime. Still wondering when the Star Tribune is going to ask how Mr. Ellison mysteriously paid $25K in back taxes, or whether he was driving all those months he didn't have a license. Star Tribune? Failing to report Ellison facts compounds our country's problems.

hermajestyDec. 25, 1211:49 PM

It is a GOOD thing that the lame duck Congress didn't make a deal, because it would have meant that Obama once again caved in to the Republicans.

Only two significant things happen on January 1 without a deal: the Bush tax cuts expire, and extended unemployment benefits expire. Nothing else automatically happens till March. When Congress comes back, it can quickly restore unemployment benefits and restore the Bush tax cuts for middle-income and low-income workers--NOT for millionaires (I don't know where all you middle and lower income types get your sentimental view of poor, put-upon millionaires). It can also work out the rest of the budget by March.

By the way, anyone who frets about the budget but thinks that taxes need to be cut further and/or military spending (already greater than the next ten countries combined) needs to be increased is either math-challenged or brainwashed.


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