Local officials dealing themselves a piece of frac sand boom

  • Article by: TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 26, 2012 - 3:43 PM

In a desperate effort to prevent foreclosure on his parents' farm, Kyle Slaby applied to his local township board last year for permission to mine frac sand. He dreamed of erasing more than $600,000 in debt and getting rich from deposits of high-grade crystalline silica, which is in hot demand because of the national boom in hydro-fracking for oil and gas.

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alanam8Dec. 25, 1210:26 PM

I would not be surprised if the FBI's Public Corruption Task Force is already working on this issue. The evidence presented in this story is far more material from which to work than they usually get in their tips. Nice work, Star Tribune and everyone who served as sources on this story. I imagine we'll be hearing follow-up.

davidf69Dec. 25, 1210:47 PM

Maybe if he would follow the dem way of doing business he would wait for a hand out from the government then it would be ok oh wait he did do it their way

softwareDec. 25, 1210:54 PM

It's Deja vu all over again. Remember the beginnings of ethanol? Same thing.

flogicDec. 25, 1211:31 PM

This is the kind of story that sickens me, as we know many of are politicians are self interest motivated, but seldom so open and obviously. Many act coy and try to act clueless with the very things they are most aware of and responsible for taking advantage of to benefit them and their personal interests. Sick, sick, sick.

rangesonDec. 26, 12 6:56 AM

I had no idea the area I so love to visit had already started desecrating their environment. It was such a relaxing, beautiful drive down in that area......now there will be too much traffic, and a devestated physical area. I guess I'll head north to the Boundary Waters Area now for my canoeing and sight-seeing.

rangesonDec. 26, 12 7:02 AM

This is the kind of world we will be leaving behind for our children. Everyone is so concerned with debt, that we fail to see that we are not leaving a world behind they will physically be able to survive. I'm sure we'll all be happy when we can't drink our water, or can't afford to buy the purified stuff we all end up needing. Hey, you'll all be rich.

EleanoreDec. 26, 12 7:02 AM

Personally I think it's long past time to bring back a boom in tar, feathers, and rail riding out of a community.

zoopupDec. 26, 12 7:36 AM

It's time a modern day Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

mrprogressiveDec. 26, 12 8:24 AM

We should just let the family farm go into foreclosure rather then allowing them to mine sand on their property. The feelings of a city slicker is much more important then them keeping their land.

bosshogDec. 26, 12 8:45 AM

"Isn't this a free country?'' Pronschinske said. "Just because I'm a town official, then I can't participate?'' Umm... Hello? Ever hear of conflict of interests?


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