Prices for dairy products may soar

  • Article by: JIM SPENCER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 25, 2012 - 12:59 PM

Congressional inaction on farm bill may clobber consumers with a double whammy.

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imperial67Dec. 24, 12 8:57 PM

I and my family enjoy dairy products very much, but up to a 50% price hike? Sorry , we will cut back or quit.

swmnguyDec. 24, 12 9:07 PM

If House Republicans think it will make President Obama look bad, they'll never pass a farm bill. If that makes it look like representative democracy has failed in the US, they'll be all the more satisfied. When you have a cautious center-right politician in the White House, and timid, accomodationist Democrats, and still nothing gets passed by Congress, the intentions of the obstructionists become pretty clear.

splinedDec. 24, 12 9:30 PM

Government ethanol blending mandates are a major factor in the doubling and tripling of the prices of corn, soybeans, as well as many other ag commodities. These government manipulations as well as multimillion dollar investment/profit guarantees and annual individual million dollar insurance subsidies from federal crop insurance are major drivers of skyrocketing land values. The federal reserve screaming that things are so terrible that we can only pay zero percentage interest rate for deficit spending also is promoting farmland investment.

doots799Dec. 24, 1210:14 PM

Dairy and meat would be much cheaper if it were not for Ethanol fuel mandates.

gopher68Dec. 24, 1210:34 PM

Remind me again why we have all of these farm subsidies? Other than the fact the Colin Peterson keep introducing them at the behest of all of the farmers who voted for him who personally profit from all of the government handouts. What other industries get as much money from the feds?

scottyhomerDec. 24, 1211:20 PM

Want to know where that cheese will be stored? Try my school freezer! The USDA is already dumping cheese onto schools just to get rid of it, and it ends up being stored in the freezer. The bad part is - Cheese is off the new school menu, so it will never be used. We can't even make a grilled cheese sandwich anymore, but the government keeps dumping sliced cheese on us, along with cases and cases of mozzarella. Oh, and it is illegal for us to toss it...

yoymrdoeDec. 24, 1211:26 PM

Why is this a bad thing. Once the diary products are in storage, the food can be given out to the record rates of people on welfare and directed into the school lunch, breakfast, summer, etc. food programs.

mnpls123Dec. 24, 1211:30 PM

"Dairy and meat would be much cheaper if it were not for Ethanol fuel mandates."-----try again. It is BECAUSE of these programs we have cheap dairy and meat. Get rid of the methanol mandates and the cost of food will increase after a short-term drop.

erikj3Dec. 24, 1211:34 PM

Congress is useless. No wonder they have an approval rating just slightly higher than Fidel Castro.

cman2500Dec. 24, 1211:35 PM

No one wants their subsidies,tax breaks cut and on and on. So here we sit nothing is going to get done about anything until we have a complete meltdown but by then it will be to late. Oh well ..Let it crash


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