Geek Squad: A matter of trust

  • Article by: CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 1, 2008 - 11:30 PM

Best Buy's Geek Squad, whose technicians have been accused of copying revealing materials and photos from customers' computers, is changing some rules. One Hennepin County case is set for trial.

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leavemealonexMay. 1, 08 9:48 PM

Best Buy founder Robert Stephens? Nice reporting, getting your facts wrong. Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze. The Star Tribune needs to get its act together!

BennysplaceMay. 1, 0810:22 PM

Robert Stephens was the founder of the Geek Squad

leavemealonexMay. 2, 0812:13 AM

I see someone changed it to Geek Squad. Apparently these comments ARE read by the staff.

kimi08May. 2, 0812:41 AM

Kinda funny reading this after seeing the special on Channel 5 about how the Geek Squad was screwing over customers. They showed the little intro and had a 2 second clip of what the error was...I said to my wife looks like they disconnected a cable to see what the Geek Squad would recommend for repairs. They were actually trying to tell them the motherboard was fried or the hard drive was, If I can diagnose the problem with a 2 second clip that is inexcusable for some trained technicians to miss! I guess the computer repair biz isn't any better than the mechanics...

tikidog1May. 2, 08 7:08 AM

If you put these kind of things on your computer there is always a chance someone will find it. The repair service shouldn't be doing that, but what about the ditzy females who provide these photo's?

jesseventuraMay. 2, 08 7:16 AM

I have lost count of the number of times I have had to go to a customer site to repair what the Geek Squad broke. They are a horrible outfit that gets by simply on their image. Back in the day when they first hit the street(before Best Buy destroyed their good name) they were very good, now look at 'em. Everyone knows who Geek Squad is and through these types of reports (and the news expose's) independent consultants like myself get a bad name. A lot of small businesses will undoubtably assume that they are going to get screwed first and foremost without even thinking if the service performed was quality. Way to go Worst Buy and Sellout Squad.

MTroskaMay. 2, 08 7:30 AM

If you take your computer to Geek Squad, you're getting ripped off. Just looking at those prices in the KSTP news piece that were quoted it is obvious. The biggest problem is that they showed three different Best Buys, while only showing one of the competition. That's horrible reporting.

emufarmerMay. 2, 08 7:47 AM

They are sales positions, not tech positions. They can't keep the profit margins that the stock holders want by hiring real tech's.

SavageGuyMay. 2, 08 8:15 AM

I had a terrible experience with the Geek Squad recently. They scheduled an agent to do some follow-up work on my wireless home network that they had done within the last 30 days and they scheduled the guy to come on his day off. Then they call me on the day of the appointment (a week after I had called to schedule it) to try to reschedule because the agent had an "emergency". I spoke with the agent and he said he was moving that day. Taking a day off for moving is generally scheduled in advance (which this agent did), and Geek Squad lied to me by trying to pass it off as an emergency like a health issue or something. Disgusting.

turpMay. 2, 08 8:26 AM

Several years ago when living in Ohio, I took my laptop to a BB/GeekSquad store because the laptop "died" and it was under warranty. It took about 3 months for them to get my laptop back. At one point they claimed that had lost my laptop, but then found it. During that time I moved to northern MN and after having my laptop for three months -- due to their mismanagement -- would not ship my laptop to my home. I had to drive 3hrs to a BB store to pick it up. Needless to say I was absolutely outraged.


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