NRA rejects any new gun laws

  • Article by: KEVIN FREKING , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 23, 2012 - 10:34 PM

Its leader reiterates need for armed guards in schools.

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aj9000Dec. 23, 12 9:54 AM

LaPierre's NRA proposal has struck a chord with most Americans. Look up the Gallup poll of a few days ago that shows the highest public support for putting armed security in schools over all others. Banning "assault weapons" ranked fourth. But to accommodate the Liberal mindset, I think it is entirely reasonable for districts that want "gun free" schools to have unprotected schools in each district for the parents that want to choose them.

teddygDec. 23, 12 9:55 AM

I guess it's goodbye to 'no child left behind' and hello to 'no gun left behind'.

jjsbrwDec. 23, 12 9:57 AM

Okay, I'll bite. Let's just say I agree that our society has become so barbaric, so irretrievably blood soaked, so dangerously violent that armed guards in every school should be part of the discussion. It didn't work in Red Lake, but hey, you've convinced me this is the path anyway. What other ideas involving assault weapons, high-capacity mags, background checks being required on EVERY gun transaction, requiring liability insurance on EVERY gun, etc. should also be part of the discussion?

crmbpatDec. 23, 1210:04 AM

And these are the same people that complain about waste in schools. Conservative (not the political party) estimates would probably have $50,000 salary (they said appropriately trained, right?) and then benefits. This is going to cost $100,000+ per "guard". Not to mention there were armed guards at Columbine. The NRA is a joke...No Real Answers.

gojohnnygoDec. 23, 1210:05 AM

Yep, it worked real well at Fort Hood & Columbine. Did I mention Tito's Yugoslavia in the 1960s?

mylittleidDec. 23, 1210:07 AM

The NRA gets a large share of its funding from gun manufacturers, so it's no surprise that the NRA wants to represent their interests. Gun manufacturers do not want restrictions on their products. The NRA had to come out with some position on the Newtown shootings, so they took a position that puts more guns into society.

dmulville72Dec. 23, 1210:08 AM

Red Lake had just such an officer....He was the first killed. The NRA and its board are bought and paid for by weapons manufacturers. They do not responsibly represent most gun owners I know, although I do know many members that believe they do! There is no single simple answer to this problem, but a good place to start might be to start listening to the ideas of law enforcement and mental health professionals rather than the weasels that will benefit financially from the "more guns" ideas. Just a thought.

mnpls123Dec. 23, 1210:13 AM

We should arm our schools like military bases as no shooter would ever attack them.....oh wait...I forgot about Fort Hood.

think100Dec. 23, 1210:14 AM

the only way to really prevent gun violence and to protect our children is to shoot down these killers as they shoot down our children.

jacket2011Dec. 23, 1210:15 AM

The NRA will never speak for me.


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