Gun dispute pits judge vs. judge

  • Article by: DAVID CHANEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 22, 2012 - 10:18 PM

Anoka's John Dehen granted himself the right to carry arms, but a chief judge said no. The law is murky on whose order should stand.

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furguson11Dec. 22, 1211:18 PM

Perhaps the MN Supreme Court could sort this out.

senjh23Dec. 22, 1211:36 PM

I'm a lawyer. I had a divorce case where the day before the final hearing my client's unrepresented husband brought a gun to my office and said "there better not be any problems tomorrow." I advised the Judge, who with appropriate wisdom assured that there would be plenty of authorized law enforcement officials in the courtroom. They are the professionals. He didn't go all NRA, seek his own gun and claim his ability to shoot was more important than an appropriate response. Judge Dehen has the right to protection and means to obtain it without turning amateur shooter himself with the potential of endangering everyone.

jaynedrakeDec. 23, 1212:22 AM

The only thing comical about this is you, Rep. Cornish, and people like this judge. Pretty soon the people without guns, like me, might be forced to buy them, just to protect us from the crackpots with guns. God help this country, because very few Americans are helpful on this issue. Many Americans are not armed but are little chickens about speaking up, and the armed ones, in my opinion are one step away from shooting at the little chickens.

crizmoisDec. 23, 12 1:16 AM

If Judge Dehen has a security concern, then he has every right and power to put additional sheriffs in his Court in a criminal or family law docket. It is not his role to be the enforcer if something bad goes down. This insistence that he be the only one to carry the gun is bizarre and calls his judgment into question.

selfmadeDec. 23, 12 1:30 AM

Why is it when the NRA offers to pay for or coordinate volunteer TRAINED officers/ex-military guards to protect our schools from nutcase psychos, that the NRA is looked at like crazy extremists? Not arming teachers or principals who have no formal training or even the personality or leadership to carry out the responsibility of protecting our children, but real trained professionals? I can't stand how the NRA is being slighted by the Left yet offers no real solutions but "ban more guns" as if that is going to make a bit of difference...Criminals don't care about your laws...

archyopterxDec. 23, 12 5:20 AM

i cant believe anyone has a problem with a judge carrying.

longshanksDec. 23, 12 6:45 AM

@selfmade - If you listened to Lapierre, you would have heard him call on congess to fund these "volunteers", not offer NRA money to fund it.

thecynic5712Dec. 23, 12 6:47 AM

Sounds like the honorable judge wishes to write his own law. What laws next might he write and attempt to enforce? Does anyone beside me find this to be really, really scarey?

nomedsDec. 23, 12 6:48 AM

This country is regressing back to the Wild West days. Let's all carry guns on our hips, and solve all our problems with entertaining person to person gun battles on main streets or even in stadiums and let's sell tickets.

blatherskiteDec. 23, 12 7:02 AM

"Criminals don't care about your laws..." ---- Laws are like locks, they keep honest people honest. Non-criminals kill more people with firearms than criminals do. And criminals usually kill other criminals. I don't think any of the recent mass killers had police records. So the self protection from criminals is a pointless argument. All the illegal guns that the criminals might have were legally manufactured and legally purchased originally. The only reason they are easy for the criminals to get is because the non-criminals have so many of them.


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