Kill says Gophers football recruiting going well

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 22, 2012 - 7:00 AM

The Gophers have commitments from at least 14 high school and junior college players with signing day still six weeks away.

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wwrendahlDec. 21, 1210:25 PM

Define "well?" Top 12 class in the conference?

KBORGYDec. 21, 1210:53 PM

Unfortunately, they are dead last according to Rivals with a 2.79 average stars per recruit. Don't put lipstick on a pig.

kinnickDec. 21, 1211:10 PM

If the running back from Michigan is 'all world' don't you think he would go to a state school in Michigan for the exposure instead of a basement dweller and a coaching staff as shakey as Kill's!

blizzard101Dec. 21, 1211:24 PM

I think well is a good word to use by Kill. It is positive yet not effusive. The truth is we will not know how good this class is for a couple years maybe. And as far as Rivals goes their ratings are better seen as guides than any definitive valuation. Before Brookins de-committed from Minnesota he was three stars, now that he committed to Wisconsin he is four stars. Andrews has recently been offered by Alabama and how much you want to bet if he takes their offer he will get an extra star as well. I am not trying to say that Rivals just gives more stars to players who go to better teams but that it is not a perfect science and when proven talent evaluators come knocking, see Nick Saban, talent gets reevaluated. Kill, or any Gopher football coach as the program currently stands, is not going to get the high star players right out of the box so he needs to find the diamonds in the rough and hit on players that services like Rivals and the big programs miss on. We will not really know Kill's recruiting and talent evaluation ability until his first couple classes become juniors and seniors. And if anyone wants to counter with 'but Brewster had good recruiting classes' take a look at how many of his high star guys made it to their senior years and actually contributed. A small percentage because most were over-hyped or high risk.

mahogma66Dec. 21, 1211:24 PM

Edwards could have done worse. He could have gone to Iowa.

blizzard101Dec. 21, 1211:32 PM

The fact that he did not go to Iowa just shows he is a RB looking out for is own health and well being. No sane person temps the wrath of AIRBHG.

birdpeepDec. 21, 1211:58 PM

Kill later was quoted as saying, " There's trouble. There's trouble right here in River City".

firk3x3Dec. 22, 1212:00 AM

Don't care what rivals or any rating agency says. They gave Brewster a top 20 one season, so they lose all credibility. Lets let Kill get his type of players in here and see what they can do.

rshacklefordDec. 22, 1212:44 AM

(a Kill quote)"Playing in the bowl game, and playing in a very good one, especially in the state of Texas, it's helped us pick up some momentum, maybe get some kids on campus that we couldn't have a year ago," Kill said. ---- The team went 2 and 6! The trophy for this "very good" bowl game is likely a muffler. Losing in a brand new gleaming stadium just makes it all the more embarrassing - especially when tickets cannot even be given away to students for free. AJ knew the best course of action when he abandoned Kill. And, the "not telling them who the QB is going to be" must be tearing apart the opponent's defensive coordinator. With gut-busting laughter.

blizzard101Dec. 22, 12 2:21 AM

How did a 2 and 6 team make it to a bowl? Oh wait that is not possible. Are you cherry picking your facts to cast the team in a poor light? You must be referring to their Big Ten record. Well they played 4 other games, and while they were not Big Ten caliber opponents they do count and they did win them all. This means that they doubled their win total from last year. While I agree Big Ten wins will ultimately be the measuring stick, give Kill and the players some credit, they improved. And using AJ "ice makes my ankle stiff" Barker as an example to further deride Kill only makes you lose credibility. Players who cannot accept direction or discipline and quit on their team are chumps.


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