Big cuts coming to North Memorial

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 21, 2012 - 11:16 PM

A letter from the CEO says the Robbinsdale hospital and trauma center will become "more the size of a suburban hospital."

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cmpatteDec. 21, 12 9:13 PM

If they think I'm driving PAST my "hometown" hospital to go up to Maple Grove, they better get my room ready on 2nd floor~!

birdpeepDec. 21, 1211:53 PM

about half the medical facilities in the area will cease to exist as Obama "care" goes into full operation. government reimbusement rates for all federally insured patients ( that will be 90% of all patients within four years), will be far below cost for these service providers. Judt as every hospital loses money on Medicare and Medicaid procedures, they will lose money on virtually ALL patients very soon. Fewer facilities, longer wait times, fewer options, lower pay for medical providers, and a downward spiral in care and inovation for really sick or elderly patients, coming son to a country near you !

irenesgirlDec. 22, 1212:44 AM

This has nothing to do with "Obama Care" and all to do with Allina taking over. Look at Westhealth. And....just maybe...people are healthier & requiring fewer hospitalizations?

rshacklefordDec. 22, 12 1:18 AM

Obama has actually been kind during this absolutely necessary overhaul of a most important basic human need - HEALTH CARE (aka MODERN MEDICINE). He could have accelerated the overhaul process but instead he is giving bureaucrats and other employees who are useless to the "doctor/patient relationship" ample time to find some other industry to try and leech off of. Recently, while trying to learn of a bill's line item costs, I was transferred around to at least SIX administrative people. NONE of them could press some keys and read the information to me. WHY! When all of the unnecessary FAT is cut out of our bloated and brimming with greed health care system, it WILL work financially. It will just stop working for the people more concerned about stock prices than patient health!

drposterDec. 22, 12 1:48 AM

bird, sorry you're getting negs. The left and Obama loyalists simply cannot accept what is going to happen in just a short few months. Employers dumping coverage to save costs, "exchanges" with only 2 providers (Still not opening up multi-state). We the working class are so pooched in the next year.. and yet most of you voted for it.. Thanks!

cman2500Dec. 22, 12 5:04 AM

I lost my job due to the upcoming health care changes they outsourced 90 % of our dept and guess what they don't have to cover the contract workers. Don't tell me this has nothing to do with the upcoming changes.Enjoy the coming depression and collapse..Keep on living in your Fantasyland.

wa0tdaDec. 22, 12 5:32 AM

Consolidation and "right sizing" take place in every industry as conditions change. Sore losers can try to blame health care legislation, but it is only one of many factors driving change. We spend far too much on it and have for decades, while getting less in return. It's time to get real about spending, and that means we want to pay for results, not do the same old thing for another ten years.

csjohn1Dec. 22, 12 7:32 AM

We must not confuse the disorder in medical care with the unsustainable growth of the cost of medical care. Doctors salaries have grown disproportionately nurses salaries at $70/ hour are unsustainable. The fact that hospitals are have a hard time making profit under the "new health care" means that they have to start cutting runaway costs, not weep for more federal handouts.

markc1Dec. 22, 12 7:59 AM

We need medicare for all and no more health insurance middle-men skimming the money we use for healthcare and becoming billionaires.

eddiegDec. 22, 12 9:16 AM

I moved to the Twin Cities seven years ago and love everything about life here except the health care system. The system here seems at least as interested in making a buck off of me as they do in my health. I'm not surprised to learn it is bloated with high-salaried, bottom-line, greedy execs. And the insurers are no better. Some do whatever they can to avoid paying for services that are clearly covered. It would be cheaper and better for all of us if we switched to socialized medicine, despite what the fear mongers would have you believe.


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