The model for Obama? Woodrow Wilson -- alas.

  • Article by: CHUCK CHALBERG
  • Updated: December 25, 2012 - 5:33 PM

Beyond the Ivy League pedigree and 'Progressive' tendency, there's the likely second-term shift to foreign affairs.

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getcrazyDec. 25, 12 6:10 PM

Both George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. went to Yale and both started wars in the Middle East. You don't need to go back that far to find a president that went to an ivy league school and started a war. It's also just a 'bit' of a lie to imply that the people who are starting wars are progressives. That is unless you're saying they are progressively seeking to make billions off of war. The Bush family has been in that business for decades with Prescott Bush financing German Steel Trust so that Hitler could fund his factories building weapons to kill Americans. Republicans should take note of this act of great treason and consider that the money in the Bush family came from the blood of American troops fighting the Nazi Regime that was being funded by a traitor American.

jdlellis1Dec. 25, 12 6:14 PM

Before linking former President Wilson with President Obama, it was no secret that Wilson despised minorities and has been characterized by many historians as flat out racist.

jstanthrnbrDec. 25, 12 7:16 PM

And they called Glenn Beck crazy for pointing this out over 2 years ago. Wilson was the beginning of the demise of America, FDR perpetuated it and Obama wants to finish it.

paulskiDec. 25, 12 7:26 PM

The article is a bunch of nonsense. It forgot to mention the reason Wilson had enough of Germany was their attempt to support Mexico in a war against us in 1917.

joeshermanDec. 25, 12 7:27 PM

The only racist in the Obama family is Michelle. From her comments about the "old white guys" controlling congress to her numerous comments about supporters of Romney supporters as being "white rich guys" are just some of her many racist comments.

onelesscarDec. 25, 12 8:05 PM

Hopefully President Obama will stick with saving the United States. How can we save the world when we can't save ourselves. Bush really bankrupted this country and it will take a lot of work to restore everything.

dave9398Dec. 25, 12 9:34 PM

Obama resembles Carter much more than any of the other former presidents mentioned except that Carter had more experience governing before becoming president.

pumiceDec. 25, 12 9:40 PM

Re: "[During his first term as president, Barack Obama has been compared to a number of predecessors. The current favorite, of course, is Lincoln, given the hit movie. But whether it's Lincoln or Roosevelt or Kennedy or Johnson, the comparison is typically meant to be flattering, likening Obama to activist presidents seeking a more powerful federal government." Interesting thesis.... Chalberg doesn't even include former-President Carter in his list of predecessors to whom Barack Obama was compared during his first term! How to explain such an oversight? Perhaps because that comparison was not meant to be flattering....

Chalberg's mischaracterization of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson as "seeking a more powerful federal government" is hardly flattering either, of course. Turn-of-the-century Presidents Jefferson and T. Roosevelt and presided over territorial expansion which greatly increased US influence in the world and, as getcrazy pointed out, Bush 43's administration was the fruition of the military-industrial complex. In addition, one could argue that the imperial presidencies of Nixon and Reagan were far more activist than the Obama administration.

firefight41Dec. 25, 12 9:46 PM

During his first term as president, Barack Obama has been compared to a number of predecessors. ********** There is no one like obama, he has been the worst for this country, he has divided it, and has done nothing to fix the problems.

firefight41Dec. 25, 12 9:47 PM

Hopefully President Obama will stick with saving the United States. ******** When has he started?


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