A sweeping bargain seemingly out of reach, Obama calls for scaled-back deal to avoid 'cliff'

  • Article by: ANDREW TAYLOR , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 22, 2012 - 1:59 AM
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tflinnDec. 21, 1210:27 AM

Boehner will be lucky to survive the year as Speaker. He failed to deliver last year and had a mutiny from the tea party, and he has once again failed to deliver within his own party.

rtwall59Dec. 21, 1210:37 AM

It is refreshing to see that at least some members of congress have the backbone to honor their pledges that they have made while campaigning. Spending is still the issue that needs to be resolved. Heck they can't even pass a bill to support Sandy victims without boatloads of pork in it!!

J110885Dec. 21, 1210:51 AM

The balanced approach is to let the Bush tax cuts expire like they were suppoose to already anyway. You can't be for lowering the debt without being for a balanced approach of spending cuts and letting the temporary Bush tax cuts expire. It's obvious that the tax cuts did nothing to help the economy grow anyway.

notforwardDec. 21, 1210:55 AM

tflinn, Remember your words. From your comments, I suspect you voted to re-elect Obama. It's funny that at this point you seem to have no idea what you've done. Adding six trillion dollars to our deficit in less than four years should have been a red flag, but some of you disagree. Either way, we are all going to get Obama's FORWARD! My prediciton is at the end of his second term, there will be very few people that will admit that they actually voted for this guy....some twice. Hope I'm wrong, but I suspect I'm spot on.

swans999Dec. 21, 1210:55 AM

He's right! Obama only knows!

k3k30sDec. 21, 1210:57 AM

GOP doesn't want to look like the ones raising taxes-Dems don't want to look like the ones raising taxes. DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE raise taxes AND Reduce expenses./

marketing guyDec. 21, 1211:21 AM

this guy can't even get his own party to vote on raising taxes on those who make $1 million+, the public is behind this and the republicans won't pull their heads out of their....

medvezhonokDec. 21, 1211:21 AM

I have read that the accounting office for the government said that even Romney's financial plan wouuld have added $6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years to the deficit. All with no plan to tax the rich,but give them more tax breaks, and then to tax the middle class even more or take away long used tax deductions that allow us to have a nice home.

tooty123Dec. 21, 1211:31 AM

It is refreshing to see that at least some members of congress have the backbone to honor their pledges that they have made while campaigning.---Honor their pledge to Grover Norquist????? One man in a democracy! Those who oppose a balanced approach need to be defeated in 2014. We can no longer BORROW AND SPEND, like the GOP wants to do.

nragopherDec. 21, 1211:39 AM

I favor the fiscal cliff because no matter what kind of deal is reached on increased taxes the US Congress will continue to spend more than they take in thus increasing the deficit.


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