Pelfrey comes aboard just in time to be shut down

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 21, 2012 - 7:04 AM

With his rehab from elbow surgery going well, the Twins told their latest addition to rest for the next few weeks.

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ducks2656Dec. 21, 12 6:32 AM

I think I mave have figured the Twins out - if they keep signing injured players they have their built in excuse for the road to 100....Terry and Gardy can finally fulfill their dream to lose 100

atleastcubbiestryDec. 21, 12 6:51 AM

Pelfrey is a gamble. Harden is a gamble. However, if they stay healthy, these two guys could be pretty good. That's a big if however, especially Harden.

mgtwinsfan1987Dec. 21, 12 7:33 AM

You cannot count on broken down pitchers. Going to be a long season at the Target Field.

jastkeDec. 21, 12 8:18 AM

Anyone who thinks that the Twins front office should be building a contender for 2013 is dreaming. They have signed who they should be signing with the long term in mind. They need stopgap starters until their prospects (hopefully) will be ready in a couple more years. No sense in signing Greinke types right now. In two years, maybe, but not now.

ducks2656Dec. 21, 12 8:20 AM

Question for you jastke - if what you say is true for 2013 why not just move up your young players now and not waste millions on guys that even you admit are not good?

BSLangeDec. 21, 12 8:43 AM

If all Ryan is going to do is sign retreads while he waits for prospects to develop, then at least have the common decency to be honest with the fans and say "The Twins are rebuilding." rather than this "We're going to field a competitive team"...

sportcity444Dec. 21, 12 8:47 AM

For what it's worth, Bleacher Report is listing the Vance Worley acquisition as the the most underrated move of the off-season in their MLB section. I'm beginning to think that Worley, May, and Meyer might just make 2014-15 worth watching. As it stands the Twins seem to be committing to a poor showing in 2013, but that's part of the game that we as MN fans have to live with. After the last two seasons, it's at least a step in the right direction. The Pelfrey, Correia, and possible Harden signings are stopgaps to fill a rotation, and shouldn't be viewed as anything more. I'm not giving up on this team, and am looking forward to baseball no matter how cynical the rest of the fans are. I have been a fan since I was old enough to cheer for them back in the early 80's, and signing Mike Pelfrey for small beans isn't going to change the fact that I bleed Twins red white & blue! Bring on Spring Training, I'm restless!

dlzabzDec. 21, 12 9:09 AM

Baker, Blackburn, Liriano, Slowey were all busts. Pavano gave us a couple good years but it is time to retire. Add in all the poor Bill Smith trades and this is what you get, a lot of losing. But it's hard to sell to the fans you're rebuilding when you just stuck it to the taxpayers to fund a new ball park.

dggohl53Dec. 21, 12 9:10 AM

Why is it that the Twins keep going after these train wrecks? Nothing personal fella's, but what ever happened to making that one blockbuster deal that would bring a true No. 1 starter to this rotation? This current rotation reminds me of "oatmeal".

Dantes929Dec. 21, 12 9:20 AM

"Question for you jastke - if what you say is true for 2013 why not just move up your young players now and not waste millions on guys that even you admit are not good?" That would be a bigger waste of millions. Getting as much seasoning as you can in the minors is a smart approach. That way you get more of their prime years at low cost team control. Last thing you want is for them to struggle for a few years in the majors, give you a couple good years and then go elsewhere in their prime young years. Some transition time is expected but no need to waste it before they are ready.


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