Sack cartoon: Mayan calendar and the GOP

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 20, 2012 - 9:26 PM
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callmeronDec. 20, 12 6:29 PM

Republicans are not agreeing to taxing the rich. They are trying to avert catastrophe with Obama who is dead set on bankrupting this nation. Obama's annual budget deficits average MORE than $1 TRILLION per year higher than under Bush! A trillion dollars! Do you know where that deficit comes from? From all the NEW SPENDING Obama and the Democrats put in place in Feb. 2009. Without the new spending, annual budget deficits would be in the $200 billion per year range, not the $1.274 trillion average under Obama. Does this cartoonist want you to know that? Probably not. Don't worry, the people who will be hurt the most by Obama's policies are the ones who voted for him. When you raise taxes on "the rich", you increase costs for all of society and if those higher tax costs cannot be passed along to consumers (do you really think highly educated and trained medical doctors are going to work long hours for less pay?), jobs are cut. Want to see proof? Here you go: "White households median income dropped 5.2 percent from June 2009 to June 2012, to $56,000, while black households fell 11.1 percent, to $32,000 in the same period. Latino households dropped 4.1 percent, to $40,000." Source for last quote: "Middle class shrinks as incomes decline" -, Aug. 27, 2012. Obama got 95% of the black vote and they have suffered the most under his Presidency. You reap what you sow. Ain't life grand? :-D

pitythefoolsDec. 20, 12 7:56 PM

callmeron: "Do you know where that deficit comes from? From all the NEW SPENDING Obama and the Democrats put in place in Feb. 2009."

The Military, Social Security and Medicare (which have special taxes dedicated to them) and interest payments which cannot be changed make up 60% of the budget. The rest of the budget is $1.4T. The deficit is $1.1T. So to balance the budget requires eliminating EVERY GOVERNMENT SERVICE other than the above. EVERY ONE. We cannot cut our way out of this mess. And to blame Obama for the DOUBLING of the Military budget over the last 12 years is absurd. We cannot cut our way to prosperity, although cutting the Military in half would help. As Obama said it's math. I know math is hard for conservatives.

elmore1Dec. 20, 12 8:46 PM

Sack it has been 3 weeks since you took a shot at the DFL. I have been waiting 4 years to hear what Barry's plan is.

stanbobDec. 20, 12 8:49 PM

no sad sack, the end of the world would be the democrats agreeing to spending cuts.

indastixDec. 20, 1211:18 PM

Who cares about the rich anyways. They've lived off of the efforts of their parents and then translated that to the efforts of their employees after that. NO they DID NOT build that wealth on their own. Give that BS up already..

mrknowitallDec. 20, 1211:32 PM

callmeron -- Quit spreading right-wing propaganda comprised of blatant falsehoods. Obama inherited a deficit of over $1 trillion from Bush, and it has actually technically DECREASED in his first term. It's not politics, it is math. Look it up, please. I am very conservative when it comes to monetary and fiscal matters, I dislike $1 trillion deficits more than anyone, but repeated lies about Obama's deficit numbers and spending only further erode any small amount of credibility which remains for the Republican Party.

synapse12Dec. 21, 12 4:11 AM

Want to stop the spending and conserve money for the middle class and poor? STOP going to other countries in the name of "democracy", destroying everything, then rebuilding it, then destroying more, then fixing and training , then repeating these actions over and over again. War ! That is where the debt came from. The USA has military presents in more than 150 countries around the world...Come on folks, this is insanity. Not the middle class, or the wealthy, its the war mongers.

comment229Dec. 21, 12 5:02 AM

If the fiscal cliff problem comes to fruition, the military cuts happen. If an agreement is reached, not one single cut will happen to military spending. Why are so many congressmen so outspoken about no cuts to the military? It is money flowing to their states. Take a look at the numbers, and the U.S. military is bloated, in all the wrong places. We still have 270 plus military bases around the world, many of them left overs from the cold war. We have almost triple the number of aircraft carriers than we had in World War II. We still have to pay for two wars. And republicans want to cut social security and medicare? Come talk our generation when the cuts to defense are first on the list and a done deal.

AlphaPupDec. 21, 1211:03 AM

Cut everywhere, taxes up on everyone. Pass a balanced budget amendment and term limits for congresscritters. It's a big mess that's not going to be solved without some pain.

smdentDec. 21, 1212:10 PM

It's fun to watch the Republicans implode. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people. American will survive...people will survive...and then in 2014 we'll have a Democrat House of Representatives. All will be good.


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