Little-known Minnesota exemption allows guns in schools

  • Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 20, 2012 - 12:23 AM

Some say guns don't guarantee safety; others say guns can enhance security, especially in rural areas.

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littlepeopleDec. 19, 1210:17 PM

Adam Lanza's mother thought her guns would protect her but, sadly and predicatbly, the opposite was true. A gun purchased for self defense is more likely to harm someone you know rather than an intruder.

ruuswaDec. 19, 1210:39 PM

Are school districts ready for the lawsuits if anything goes wrong. We have police, teachers are teachers not Wyatt Earps. Everyone can talk tough but if a student gets shot accidentally are they really prepared to live with themselves. NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS.

sharkysharkDec. 19, 1211:06 PM

Designating a place as a "gun free zone" ignores reality and only serves to make it more attractive to a cowardly killer.

wildfoxDec. 19, 1211:06 PM

Guns, kids and school ... NOT a good idea. It is unbelievable that anyone thinks this idea is acceptable.

crystalbayDec. 19, 1211:11 PM

Studies have shown that homes with guns in them are 13 times as likely to experience gun injuries or death as homes without. For one think, over half of all gun deaths (last year 13,000) are suicides. Granted, people can end their lives in many other ways, but few of them so accessible and lethal. Two of my relatives - who never handled guns before - were able to purchase them to end their lives. Each had a long-term, very pronounced depression but of course there's no background check to stop them from following through.

cricketedDec. 19, 1211:47 PM

Read this yesterday ;and it should be out there as an option typical. Right wing press lies about the intent of the left, stokes fear and gun sales rise. Left sits and wants bans, right wants more guns, neither has any real ideas. Here is a simple one, pass an act- the NEwtown Schools safety act and mandate police coverage at schools during hours, fund it with taxes on ammo and sporting guns and use the money to put an expert in dealing with such incidents, a cop in every school. A solution that is provided for by the enthusiasts, who put up some money where their mouth is. And security is given without any fights over "rights"

jhb8426Dec. 19, 1211:50 PM

If people are adamant about arming staff in schools, then hire trained, armed guards specifically for that, or hire police to do the job.

melabill2Dec. 19, 1211:57 PM

crystalbay your reasoning is all wet. I suppose people with guns in their home are more likely to injury or death by gun. People without guns in their home probably never or almost never, experience injury or death by guns. If there is no gun in the house, how could they experience injury by one. A better suggestion is to make it mandatory to have a safe for the guns and a locked place for the ammo. That way only the person who has a permit would have access to them.

johndontDec. 20, 1212:24 AM

@littlepeople "A gun purchased for self defense is more likely to harm someone you know rather than an intruder."

BUT it's MOST likely to just sit there and not harm someone you know nor harm an intruder, in other words HARM NO ONE. But in many cases it brings a sense of security to the gun owner knowing that he/she has it if they need it.

johndontDec. 20, 1212:37 AM

@melabill2 "If there is no gun in the house, how could they experience injury by one."

geez, idunno, maybe if someone who doesn't live there brings one in?


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