Bring the troops home

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  • Updated: December 20, 2012 - 11:56 AM

A new report indicates that it may be better to pull out of Afghanistan sooner rather than later.

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reader2580Dec. 19, 12 7:41 PM

The Afghan war is costing a lot of money just in damaged equipment alone. A film crew was embedded with a Navy EOD team in 2010. On one seven day mission the convoy lost 10 vehicles to IEDs. Each of those vehicles cost between $500,000 and $1 million depending on the exact vehicle destroyed. Luckily, no lives were lost, but injuries certainly have a financial cost for medical care.

luzhishenDec. 19, 12 8:06 PM

We lost the war the moment we invaded Iraq. Time to leave, now, before another American dies there.

sharkysharkDec. 19, 12 8:58 PM

Where will Obama's War go next?

bblheadDec. 19, 12 8:59 PM

Just remember - any loss is not on the shoulders of the military, but rather the government who sent them and limited their ability to do their jobs. Next time - send the politicians and see how well they do. The troops have nothing to be ashamed of - they were sent to do a specific job and have performed admirably. They deserve the chance to come home and enjoy their lives for a change.

kvarnoldDec. 19, 12 9:17 PM

Bring'em home. Put them on duty around the U.S. ,maybe the schools, since we kill each other a LOT faster than they kill us overseas.

crystalbayDec. 19, 12 9:35 PM

I literally know no one who doesn't feel strongly that this useless, resource-draining war is not worth one more American life. No one. I've been a staunch supporter of the president in most every area - except this one. It's been my greatest disappointment in his leadership.

pagejgDec. 19, 1210:51 PM

Unless Congress and the President can guarantee improvement in the next 24 months, not one good reason to risk lives and spend money. Bring them home.

viktorvaughnDec. 19, 1211:22 PM

Oh, that's right...we're still at war. I read the paper everyday and hardly noticed.

Time to bring our troops home.

pumiceDec. 20, 1212:56 AM

Re: "Oh, that's right...we're still at war. I read the paper everyday and hardly noticed." Even though Afghanistan/Iraq is the longest war in US history? That's because the only ones who have been asked to sacrifice are the military and their families. Congress has abrogated not only its power to declare war but also its power of the purse. No tax was levied to pay for these military actions or for the long-term mental and physical health problems which arise from numerous, extended deployments and from mental and physical injuries unique to modern warfare. In fact, the costs of Afghanistan/Iraq were kept off-budget until 2009. Adding insult to injury, blame for budget deficits and escalating national debt was shifted to earned benefit programs.

dutk0004Dec. 20, 12 4:00 AM

2014? Just in time to send them into Iran. How about that nobel peace prize winning President?


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