House GOP plans vote on fiscal cliff 'Plan B' despite Obama veto threat

  • Article by: ANDREW TAYLOR , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 20, 2012 - 1:59 AM
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notforwardDec. 19, 1210:12 AM

It's quite clear that you cannot negotiate with Obama. The GOP tried to address the insane spending, and Obama has held firm. This is Obama's economy, debt, and unemployment. Stand your ground Boehner, and let Obama make the final decision. I think it's time we all get FORWARD. This is what you fools asked for.

k3k30sDec. 19, 1210:22 AM

"He has a real opportunity to show he can govern," McConnell said on the Senate floor. "He's letting that opportunity slip away." Why is it, McConnell, that the only way you think Obama can govern is if he agrees with the Republican way? It's our way or the highway all over again.

parker0910Dec. 19, 1210:25 AM

The Pesident shoots down all GOP proposals so the GOP floats out an old Dem proposal and he shoots that down also. So no proposal DEM or GOP is going to get approved. Face it, we are going over the Cliff and that is exactly what Obama wants. Welcome to the Obama recession, only we wont call it that, as usual he will blame someone else.

stevenelDec. 19, 1210:26 AM

Here's what's wrong with the House of Representatives in one succinct passage... Rep. Patrick Tiberi, R-Ohio, said Plan B would let Republicans vote to protect as many people as possible from tax hikes while leaving Democrats with the blame if it failed. If the Senate decides not to vote on the House bill or ignores it, "That's not our problem," Tiberi said. "The ball's in Harry Reid's court."

roymercerDec. 19, 1210:38 AM

The party of 'No'

clnorthDec. 19, 1210:45 AM

"Why is it, McConnell, that the only way you think Obama can govern is if he agrees with the Republican way?" They have given him his tax increase on the rich. What has Obama offered? Compromise is give and take, not take and take some more.

Truckman182Dec. 19, 1210:47 AM

We will go over the cliff and this will be Obama's fault. Yet the media will blame it on the Republicans and the lemmings in America will believe what ever the media tells them.

clnorthDec. 19, 1210:50 AM

Looks very similar to last years debt limit talks. Obama failed in negotiations, so Boehner and Reid got it done.

tria56Dec. 19, 1211:05 AM

Lots of selective reading/listening happening with this group today. Here, the Strib has recapped the current negotiations for you: I agree with the Tea Partiers in regards to this Plan B. It is a stop-gap plan that does nothing to cut spending or reduce the deficit. It literally just kicks the can down the road to February when the debt ceiling is reached again and we get to go through this crap all over again. Stop wasting time on this distraction and get back to the table to actually make real change to avert the fiscal cliff!

lostinstpaulDec. 19, 1211:07 AM

Very simple to lay blame, in one line from the article: "Obama also was pushing for extended unemployment benefits and billions in spending aimed at stimulating the economy." @ @ @ Obama is trying to get "Billions in spending" in a deal to reduce the deficit...Brilliant! Its been proven that dumping billions into the "economy" (Aka Obama supporters) doesnt help anything. Yet, he's trying it again.... Obama is at fault here, and if you cant see that, you are sadly brain dead


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