Reversing the U's sagging ticket sales a complex issue

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 19, 2012 - 7:29 PM

Packing Williams Arena isn't so easy anymore, but Gophers officials are trying to revive soft ticket sales.

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sternitzkyDec. 18, 1210:16 PM

Simple,put winning teams on the court/field and the fans will come.

kenw1952wDec. 18, 1210:18 PM

We don't need a high-priced research firm to investigate the reasons which are simple but the U doesn't want to acknowledge. After decades of losing but promises of higher expectations, we're left with losing seasons, bigger and bigger cupcake schedules, paying to get out of games, paying top salaries to coaches to coach Division 2 talent. Fans are more than willing to pay to see a winner but not so much perennial losers.

wyffelsDec. 18, 1210:35 PM

There have been some great games, but it has been 14 years of bad basketball. Not necessarily bad seasons or bad players, but bad basketball. Tubby came in as one of the highest paid coaches in the country and he hasn't had a winning big ten season yet. In the last 14-15 seasons we have had one winning big ten season. ONE. Then season ticket holders are punished paying for terrible non-conference basketball games at home. Out of 8 non-conference games this year the highlight was an unranked NDSU. That was the closest game. 13 points. Where is the excitement of seeing a sure win? Where is the anticipation?

retrojetDec. 18, 1210:35 PM

The U needs to do what every other major college program has done. Put the students in the best seats in the house! These are the only people making any real noise, and really gives the team a home court advantage. Even so, I would admit, the students are not nearly as into the game as we were 20 years ago. They are still way too quiet. Even when the Gophers were merely going to the NIT, the crowd was far more into it. I'm not sure what the problem is, but the least they could do is move the students front and center.

wyffelsDec. 18, 1210:41 PM

@Retrojet. Who needs a home court advantage when you schedule teams you beat by 20? Students are not going to get on their feet for Richmond or Lafayette. We need 1-2 games, at home, where teams can beat us.

SorghastrumDec. 18, 1210:48 PM

ONE, tuition is very expensive. TWO, tickets are very expensive. THREE, many students are working 20 or more hours a week on top of classes just to survive and therefore have no time for these expensive seats. FOUR, many students do not care nor do they like these sports. It is time to get real and honest about basketball and football in that they are not a priority for either many students or their parents during the second decade of the 21st Century. It would be best if these sports received the same funding as the other sports on campus, all things being equal.

eyeintheskyDec. 18, 1211:39 PM

Too much competiton from the professional sports franchises. Plus all the fiscal-cliff scare that has been building over the past few seasons...Not to mention the down-grade of US Bonds. All the quatitave easing by he FED didn't help matters much. All the scare-talk by the tea party people...and all the right-wing, left-wing name-calling drove people away. And, the crazy weather kept people from getting to the games. This S complex. It IS complicated. You sure have got that RIGHT... ; 0 )

LMHANSONDec. 18, 1211:44 PM

It's not just about winning, but winning the "big one" many times do we get our hopes up than to lose the big one whether its basketball or football. Minnesota can never seem to gain any momentum for an entire season, there is always a loss or two or three that kills all momentum. Also, tuition is so high these days that students and alumni are faced with real financial issues and have to make some tough decisions while in school and once they graduate. How about targeting and marketing season tickets to recent alumni? That demographic has great potential and it's important to keep them coming to games once they graduate, especially if they remain living in the area. Another thing is the TV world, so many game times/schedules are now determined by TV networks and money rather than the best interests of the fans. If the fans were important and attendance was important, the Big Ten Network and ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 would not have 11am kickoff games. Football attendance would increase significantly if there were more 2pm and 7pm games. Instead, the almighty dollar takes preference over the best interest of the fans. I realize you get more 2pm and 7pm games when you win, but 11am games make no sense whatsoever. Heck, how about staggering them 1pm, 4pm and 7:30. We have all seen what potential TCF Bank Stadium has on a Saturday night (Air Force, Michigan State and Syracuse all come to mind)

lloyd55423Dec. 18, 1211:58 PM

Come on now, is anyone at all inspired by Norwood Teague? After running through a huckster football coach, and then replacing him with an epileptic, the football program is in shambles. On the basketball side, they brought in a career-ending snake-oil salesman peddling lower expectations whilst padding his retirement account. I'm proud of the ticket-buying public for refusing to support this failed athletic program.

MagicDec. 19, 1212:35 AM

What did the University expect? Preferred Seating/Donation Fees then you play 99% of your non conference home games against cupcakes? Even the diehards are saying "I've had enough of this BS"


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