Light rail will burden a few to serve many

  • Article by: JOHN CROSBY
  • Updated: December 18, 2012 - 8:44 PM

Southwest line is vital to a complete transit system for the whole metro area.

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basia2186Dec. 18, 12 8:51 PM

Social equity? Natural gas busses using existing roads would make more sense! You can tell this writer was a professor! We do not and will never have the demographics to support light rail where it will even come close to not being a pork barrel boondoggle. Trains are cool! Let's get some! Children playing with the worker's money. Should be against the law.

mn2niceDec. 18, 12 9:12 PM

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Crosby. The many benefits of light rail transit are, increased mobility and connection with the twin cities' suburban transit providers (Maple Grove Transit, Plymouth Transit, Southwest Transit, Minnesota Valley Transit, Prior Lake Transit, and Shakopee Transit) allow a rider to travl anywhere in the metro, they take vehicles off the area's highways hepling to reduce congestion, the provide for transit-oritented development which helps to inmprove the economic status of the metro, and they help to reduce our carbon footprint, because the are electrically powered. And they are the most efficent form of transit available, because the carrying capacity of a light rail train is greater than bueses. Virtually every ssystem in the United States that uses light rail is expanding upon their systemm, because ridership nationwide is increasing every year. Light rail is here to stay. So get on board.

basia2186Dec. 18, 12 9:40 PM

The light rail from the MOA has 3 little cars. Last time I saw it I counted about 10 heads. The rods are already here,most of the tracks are not. Spending our scarce resources because it's cool is wrong. Electricity is still dirtier than natural gas.

zippo12Dec. 18, 1210:05 PM

As someone who is driving bus for Metro Transit (while trying to find a better job using my degrees), let me say that I fight rush hour traffic for repeated trips on various bus lines every AM and PM for six hours a day. So do I think buses are the answer? Well yes, buses are part of the answer. Yet, I must say that Light Rail is AWESOME. It almost never has trouble with the weather (it can easily get through deep snow), and the street traffic is forced to stop to let the Light Rail through, so no matter how bad everyone else has it, the Light Rail is going to get there on time!!! If you ride Light Rail, you likely are a big fan, too. I love to park my car at one of the park and rides and take the train to downtown Minneapolis whenever I need to go there. Again, please don't fight the expansion of Light Rail service, for you are going to love it as it serves your communities through these expansions.

ctifferDec. 19, 12 5:02 AM

Zippo12 - your statement "and the street traffic is forced to stop to let the Light Rail through" is one of the many problems with light rail. The Hiawatha line is a perfect example. It's design tries to stop as much trffic as it can; auto, bicycle, and pedestrian. The goal of the light rail planners is to create more congestion, thus making the use of light rail desirable to the people forced to sit and wait. Successful commuter rail lines are part of a multimodal concept that does not favor one over the other.

polymath234Dec. 19, 12 5:25 AM

I persist in asking the question, why would you want to run light rail through Kenwood and not Uptown? Because the tracks are already there and it's cheaper? That's a pretty dim way to approach urban planning. Let right rail go where it's needed, not where it's cheapest. Either do the project right, or don't do it at all.

randyjkDec. 19, 12 5:29 AM

Not in my neighborhood is all about resistance to change. Yet if one looks all over the world, one sees transportation lines integrated into residential neighborhoods. It may not be pretty, noise or problem free, but that's the way it is.

suburbsguyDec. 19, 12 6:52 AM

I drive on Hiawatha ave quite a bit and hardly ever see fully packed trains however, I do see lots of cars sitting at stoplights waiting for empty trains to go by.

northhillDec. 19, 12 7:05 AM

I feel that light rail works best on a private right of way not on a street.Uptown should be served by buses.They can pull to the edge of the curb and safely board passengers.In cities which never abandoned streetcars,street boarding is still used.In Toronto you still walk out into the street to board some LRT routes even though their equipment is state of the art.Everyone thinks light rail is a great idea until they realize that they have to share the road with cars.In Toronto it is illegal to pass a LRT vehicle on the right while stopped.Still,some people do it.

firefight41Dec. 19, 12 7:22 AM

light rail will burden a many to serve the few.


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