NRA ends silence on school shooting, promises 'to help to make sure this never happens again'

  • Article by: PHILIP ELLIOTT , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 18, 2012 - 5:19 PM
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greg62Dec. 18, 12 5:10 PM

I support the NRA and am currently a member. People need to realize that this great organization has been verify helpful in keeping the hard left from conficating our guns and taking away our Constitutional right to protect ourselves.

scenic61Dec. 18, 12 5:16 PM

Something has to change. Not sure what that would be or how this change is going to come around...but something needs to change. We can't have this happen again. We just can't.

horsefeatherDec. 18, 12 5:30 PM

It’s sad, a tragedy and shouldn’t be that way, but sometimes a person’s life is part of the price that America has to pay for having the greatest Constitution in the world! The 2nd Amendment, the RIGHT to bear arms, must be protected to insure the future of America! We TeaPublicans, along with the NRA, are NOT going to let our Republican legislators pass any law that takes away our guns! Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA) who has been selected to CHAIR the House Judiciary Committee next year and also has an “A: rating from our NRA, said: “We’re going to take a look at what happened there and what can be done to help avoit it in the future, but gun control is NOT going to be something that I will support’! New gun legislation is going NOWHERE! Do NOT let the Government take our guns! Protect your gun rights! This is America! This IS America!

erikj3Dec. 18, 12 5:44 PM

How nice that they even the NRA can agree that we can't allow rampaging mass murders in schools. That's progress, I guess.

greg62Dec. 18, 12 5:45 PM

A few years ago in North Minneapolis, an 80+ year old man who lived alone was hiding in his room with his door locked while his house was being broken into and robbed. The intruder knew the old guy was in the room and proceeded to try breaking the door down. Luckly he was armed and after several warnings, shot through the door wounding the attacker who then left with a good armful of stolen property. If it wasn't for groups like the NRA who protect our Constitutional rights, the old guy probably would have been killed.

omakristyDec. 18, 12 5:47 PM

The NRA and it's membership have a vested interest in the discussions that are going to take place about guns and gun control. The 2nd amendment provides "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." The founding fathers never envisioned assault weapons when this languate was authored and ratified. People with guns - legally acquired and licensed - are killing other people with those guns. With assault weapons. It makes sense for an organization that values guns to have a seat at the table while the conversations are held and solutions are identified to attempt to stop this madness. Because it really is time to stop this madness. I mean it.

probsolverDec. 18, 12 6:40 PM

Omak "The founding fathers never envisioned assault weapons when this languate was authored and ratified" ---- there is absolutely no way for anyone to know that. That said, i and my teenage son both own firearms and are in support of mandatory background checks, limiting or eliminating high capacity magazines. The term assault weapon is meaningless. A semi auto is a semi auto, with or without being labeled "assault".

SwiftBoatDec. 18, 12 6:43 PM

So, if we ban the sales of "assault" weapons and large magazines the bad evil people in the world wont use the hundreds of thousands of them already in the USA and they bad evil people wont buy them on the black market? So, banning guns makes us safer because the bad people will follow the law?

greg62Dec. 18, 12 7:11 PM

All of these shootings have ocurred in "Gun Free Zones". We need to do away with these zones for our own safety.

cartoonconnDec. 18, 12 8:14 PM

NRA all the way!!!


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